TIP’s increasing repute; over 1000 freshmen applicants

TIP is readying to welcome the it’s biggest freshman class ever, with 155 new students. The previous record was 120 students in last year’s class. It is in appropriate increase in intake, given growing awarness and popularity of TIP in schools and colleges in Pakistan and abroad. Over one thousand (1000) applicants from all over Pakistan sat for the admission test this summer, which is a record – last year there were XXX applicants (someone please fill in the blank!).

The new BBA Honor’s program in Apparel Manufacturing & Merchandising is also a factor attracting a greater number of applicants.

TIP will also be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. With the growing student population, the student representative association TISF (Textile Institute Student’s Forum) will also be having a more serious role among the student body.

Update: While the number of interested applicants were well over 1000, the number who actually gave the admission test were around 300. Exactly how many? Let us know.

TIP Cricket Team defeated by KIIT

On the 21st of August, the TIP CricketTeam played a match against KIIT (Karachi Institute of Information Technology). This match was part of the Preston Institute’s Cricket Tournament, and was the first of the season 2003-04.

KIIT crushed TIP’s cricket team this match. Details will follow (Arafat, where are the details?!).
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Basketball & Volleyball coming soon

With volleyball becoming an ever popular sport at TIP, the administration has is developing a proper volleyball court by the lake. The basketball court is also in its final stages of completion next to the volleyball court (where the tennis court is suppossed to be!). Students interested in playing college volleyball and basketball must register with the TISF Sports Secretary Arafat Tahir.

New Classrooms Eat Science Labs!

The growing student population has made the TIP administration finally realize the lack of classrooms. Steps are being taken for the development of new classrooms. These new classrooms are being built inside the Wet Processing Lab, hence shrinking the already small area shared by our Prayer Area.

In other news, there are more extensions in the campus lab equipment.

Update: The Prayer Area has been shifted to the hostel cafetaria. That should accommodate our larger student body.

The four classrooms being built on the side of the Wet Processing Lab are nearing completion.

Dear Fellow Tipians

Abdul Saboor’s introductory email as this year’s TISF President.

Dear Fellow Tipians,

It is again the time to start the great campus life. These days the TISF is working to plan and arrange different things to make your next year at campus as enjoyable as possible.

Orientation for Freshers

We are also planning for an effective & fun orientation day at TIP on 1st September 2003. For the event TISF needs Volunteers, which will work with TISF for various planned things on the orientation day (for example campus tour, etc). All students who are interested can register through email. All Volunteers who will perform their jobs efficiently will automatically become Event Managers for TISF.

TISF will properly acknowledge the services of all volunteers.

Societies & Clubs

In the first meeting of the TISF, we have decided to launch various societies & Clubs to make TISF open for students so that students can participate in things in which they otherwise not have the chance to enjoy. TISF will fully support these societies and will help them in physical and financial resources. Students interested in registering their society must do so before the orientation day (1st September, 2003) as TISF will make stall arrangements for the registered societies on the orientation day. There will be more than 150 freshers coming on the orientation day, so there is a great chance for you to make your society a success. Some of the proposed societies are:

  • Art & Design Society
  • Dramatics Society
  • Literature & Poetic Society
  • Movies Club
  • Textile Science Society
  • Textile Management society
  • Hostel Students’ Society
  • Music Society
  • Islamic Society
  • Sports Societies (e.g Chess Club)
  • Adventure Club
  • Computer & Internet Club

You can register for any of the above – registration of any new Society requires has some pre-requisites. Interested students can contact for more information.

TISF members will be available at main campus from Monday 25th August 2003. Students who are interested in any of the above things can meet TISF at campus. If you have any plan or idea for orientation day or any activity please feel free to discuss it with us.

Lets make our TIP colorful like this email.

Yours sincerely,

Abdul Saboor
President TISF 2003-04

Forward this message to as many TIPIANS as possible.

Apparel Manufacturing & Merchandizing, and Textile Chemistry

This year’s freshmen class has a new program to choose from, the BBA Honors in Apparel Management and Merchandising degree.

The fashion and apparel industry needs bright talented executives to guide the technological revolution rapidly taking place with this billion-dollar industry. Skilled managers are required to deal with increasingly complex textile products and manufacturing techniques; tasks such as planning product lines months before they appear in the stores are the order of the day. Many people Sell clothes that they no longer use. More experts are needed who would refurbish old clothes and turn them into a brand of their own.

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Welcome to Quack, the TIP weekly

Quack has its beginnings as the weekly student news bulletin of the Textile Institute of Pakistan, established by Rabia Shah (class of 2002) in 2001. During Rabia’s reign as Editor, Quack became an important part of the TIP culture. Students would eagerly wait the time Monday morning, when the latest Quack would be posted on the notice boards. Quack became not only an important source of news at TIP, it also was an outlet for students to vent their feelings, frustrations, and aspirations about TIP, its administration and faculty.

This website aims to re-invograte what Quack stood for, by providing an easy outlet for students to post their views, news, and anything else they may want. This website is a typical blog (web log), where registered users can easily post articles. These articles will be available online for comment and review, before the best and most relevant few are selected for publication in the print edition.

All Tipians are welcome to contact the author to register.