Second Years Cheer Up – You Lost, So What

The football championship held on 26th September 2003 will be remembered by every Tipian and especially the second years. The grand finale of the tournament was held between Real Bandits (Second Years) and Samina Ki Guriya (Third Years).

A few people say that the Real Bandits, comprising of Mazhar, Hassan, Hammad, Fahad, Farhan, Faheem, Waqas, Samran, Hasham, Rizwan, Anus, Masood and Aftab, lost the tournament because they were tired and they also had a lot of yellow and red cards on their side. But one will have to admit that the strategy and planning of the third years was outstanding. They had Sheryar, Moeed and Arafat on the attacking position and they were shooting the ball with immense power but the efforts of other team members can not be denied.

After two goals being scored by the 3rd years in the first half of the match everybody thought that they have won the tournament. But the 2nd years did not give up they were still striving hard. Samina Ki Guriya kept shooting the ball at full tilt and all the efforts of second years ended in smoke.

For second years I would just say that it is an honour for them that they reached the finals after defeating a lot of teams. And sometimes winning isn’t everything.

TIP students and texperts have finally embraced the Internet, with Quack! Online, TIP Masala, and now being updated. has some content is online, while the rest is under construction. There are reports of ‘regular meetings’ by a ‘think team of technocrats’. I wonder what all that is about!

All Texperts, don’t miss out the chance to get your own email address.

Rumble in the Jungle

It seems that after the mighty fourth year passed out this year the present third year thinks that they are the kings. Things got out of control of the third year (3Y) when some guys from 2nd year (2Y), namely Mazhar, Hammad, Waqas and Ahsan ragged a senior, aka “chikna”, in the hostel.

After feeling insulted he called some 7 guys for payback. Hammad of 2Y lost his teeth in the battle when Waqas and Ahsan betrayed their friends and ran away. Later on they joined hands with 3Y. Still things were not favouring 3Y as they were ragged in and out of the hostel at night one by one.

The battle ended after a compromise by some respected seniors. Still some guys are not happy and are planning still. Wait and see what happens next!

Auditions for Inter-University Debate

On Friday (Sept 26), a glimpse of confidence could be seen in the students of Textile Institute of Pakistan. Around 20 students were in the Lecture Room 2 to give the audition for the inter-university debate competetion, to be held in TIP on 25th October 2003. English teachers Mr. B.D. Saleem and Miss Sabeen Ahmed were acting as jury for those auditions. Everyone was trying to take lead over others, specially the new comers. They were looking quite enthusiastic and really have the ability to prove that they can do somthing for TIP.

If anyone missed the auditions and wants to participate, contact Mr. B.D Saleem.

Waiting for the Carnival

The TISF is planning so much to make this year jam up with entertainment. The next big event, the Fresher’s Carnival, is scheduled for October 17th. This is a carnival organized completely by the freshmen class, where students, parents, faculty, their familes, and even texperts come to enjoy the day.

We really hope that the management students come up with something as they did last year (and beat the previous show) as the most entertaining night in TIP. Hey guys if you are planning though keep in mind Ramadan is close by. If you need any help, your seniors are always there.

Second Year Students Ignored for TA jobs

Don’t know the reason, but all the applications for TA jobs from the second years was turned down except those for the computer lab and the library. Anyone who knows the reason can comment on this topic and tell the rest of us. Anyways it is encouraging to see that the administration has provided so many jobs.