TIP Catering?

Where else will you get such a considerate president who on the call of the Hostel President can scold the caterers on poor quality and quantity of food served during Ramadan?

I feel we should always have a back up catering service just in case one goes poor, we can switch and this will eventually result in competition between the suppliers and we will be able to enjoy good food every year with taste changing on a regular basis and contracts getting renewed every 2 years? What do you think?

Talent pandora

The talent Pandora turned out to be quite an affair on Friday. It was nice to see that huge number of people stayed back for the event. This is the first time that I have seen such a huge turnout for any affair in TIP. The performances of the 1st year were worth applauding but the thing that stole the show was skit performed by Adil Marvi and his fellow colleagues .The carnival was also a success with few glitches but it was wonderfully organized. In my opinion more of such events should be organized and other universities should be invited to participate in them that would make the whole affair a lot more spicy and interesting. Last but not the least were contributions by our faculty members few of them showed up Mr. Sajjad Ghee Wala was suddenly dressed up for the occasion. Mr. Shakeel Ahmed also congratulated many of the students on arranging such a successful event.

Textile Expertise – Introduction

Textile Expertise is a new weekly magazine focusing on technical articles on all things textiles. TIP Faculty and invited outsiders will write in articles related to their specialized fields. Abstracts of final year thesis can also be included. All students of textiles are invited to share their articles which would be published after approval of the concerned professor and technical editing. Articles from Texperts will also be included so students can learn from their experience related to jobs and industry.

Please send in all submissions by Friday for publication the following Monday. We would welcome your contributions and suggestions regarding the improvement of this magazine.

Send in your articles at raghib2111@yahoo.co.uk or raghib2111@hotmail.com.

New Weaving Website

Umair Saeed, TIP’s revered weaving lecturer, has launched a website on fabric technology and weave design at http://weaves.topcities.com/. A very admirable effort. It’s about time other faculty members also put their course work online and move towards using less paper.

No Rock n Roll in Student Centre

Last week some students along with Sajjad Gheewala (Marketing Lecturer) desperately tried to get a music system for the cafeteria. After numerous trips to Saddar and Jackson Market, and even one trip to Sher Shah!, the most cost effective system was decided upon; 10 speakers and 2 subwoofers coupled with twin amplifiers to provide a long-term surround sound solution in the cafeteria, all within Rs. 15,000.

The idea was shot down by Mr. Shakeel Ahmed, our President, on the grounds that:

* It will cause conflicts between students, some listen to Punjabi, some to Rock, and others to Junaid Jamshed. Whatever will happen when all these groups want to play their own music?!

* The caterers in charge of our cafeteria are responsible for such ‘accessories’.
To the first point I can safely assume that all of us are adults and can behave like adults (when we want to!). I’m sure we won’t have any differences in letting outher play their choice of music, especially when each student would have contributed to the sound system. And to the second point is that our caterers should try to learn to cook proper food and then think about the other things.

Isn’t designing department a part of TIP?

Since I have been studying at TIP, I have seen a clear distance between designers and the other students of our university, no matter what their gender is or which department they belong to. The designers think that they are very creative people and therefore they should be given more importance than others. One of the designers said, “We are really busy people, we don’t have enough time to waste on you cheap guys.” However, really I could not understand, what do they mean by CHEAP guys? We do what usually other guys in this world do, so whats wrong in that? If all of us are a part of this university then why do they think that they are superior to us? Could anyone of you please tell me?

First TIP band in the making!

A handful of students, with ample support from seniors, are striving to make this venture a successful one. The band already has a couple of keyboardists, a guitarist and perhaps over 300 prospective singers. Anyway jokes aside, all those interested in joining us can contact either of the following people:

* Shalim Ruben (TMM2)
* Khalid Khan (TS1A)
* Aasim Ahmed (TSIB)