Quack Slows to a Crawl

Quack! Online and offline has slowed down to a crawl with a dearth of fresh content from writers. Fewer students are visiting the site, with exams being the only thing they can think of.

Despair not. During the winter break following the exams, Quack! Online will be back with a big bang. We’re looking at a new layout, improved content mangement system, easier posting of articles and comments, and registered commenting. We’re also looking at buying our own space, with TISF giving the money for the project.

And when we’ll have our own space, we’ll have our own name. No more quack.offroadpakistan.com. While we’re still open to suggestions, the domain names we’re thinking of are either quackonline.com or tiponline.com. What do you think?

The End-User Lab

After lot of blessings of students 30 branded P4`s were brought in the premise of Textile Institute of Pakistan. How glad we were, But Wait.!! where those HI_FI sytems (including four P4 systems in end user lab) escaped?? The answer of this wierd quetion I found out from a freshmen that “those state of the art systems are decorated in the “Teaching Lab” of Textile Institute of Pakistan “.

Isn`t it ironic to know that only 15 systems (most of them are entirely outdated)are available for 350 students, & those HI_FI systems are laying eggs in the “Teaching lab”.Where they are used just for Microsoft Word & Excel.

During the Peak timing, the end user lab is indicatitng the picture of fish market, where students sit on the Cabins; wait for their turns.

I request the management to please do something about it, because its annoying the students more than anything else.