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Well Quack has certainly slowed down and there aren’t many articles coming on nowadays so lets try something new. I got this piece from somewhere, you probably read this before, but I’d like to share this with you! 🙂

Heaven’s Grocery Store

While walking down life’s highway a long time ago, I ran across a sign one day that read: “Heaven’s Grocery Store.” As I got a little closer, the door opened wide and I suddenly found myself standing inside.

I saw a host of Angels. They were standing everywhere. One offered me a shopping cart and said, “My Child, shop with care.”

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Lookin for a Job?

A company needs one or two girls to represent their company at a stall at ITIF at the expo centre. They will get paid and it will even help them to gain good contacts, which will be helpful in their lateral professional lives.

Please contact:
Rabya Shah

TISF is the Greatest

Seems like people in TIP have nothing else to do except criticize the TISF. Come
on guys, they did a tremendous job this semester. There were a million
things that they did. Let me name ten of them.

# A movie (hungama)
# �
# �
# �
# �
# �
# �
# �
# �
# �

Well, in a nutshell, TISF did absolutly nothing for us.

Every single Friday was given to the TISF so that they can plan an activity
or do something for the Tipians (for their entertainment, or otherwise), but they probably thought that one movie in these 17 Fridays that we had would provide enough entertainment for the tipians.

I never intented to raise this topic, but the nothing that the TISF did gave me
something to write on.

I congratulate the TISF and hope that they keep up their performance. And
entertain the Tipians as much as they did in the previous semester.

Disclaimer: The original author remains anonymous.

Tipians to attend HEIMTEX 2004, Biggest Textile Show in the World

Heimtextil is the international trade fair for home textiles and commercially used textiles. It is held every year in Frankfurt at Main, Germany.

Umair Ahmed (Class of 2003) and Amir Pingal (Class of 2000), along with other Texperts, will be part of their respective companies delegations to the exhibition.

Heimtextil – the world’s biggest trade fair for home and commercially used textiles – provides the main orientation point world-wide for home textiles and fashions. For 33 years this trade fair has been an optimum forum for contacts and innovations, reflecting current lifestyles in its halls and setting the trends for trade, industry and handicrafts.
Heimtextil Facts

TIP condoles Usman Khan’s father

Usman Khan’s (Class of 2003) father passed away at the age of 73 on January 10th, 2003. He had sudden heart attack at 5 in the morning. We grieve his loss.

Dear tipians and texperts,
Father of Usman Khan(2003) has left us due to some heart problems.we,the texperts ,express our deep sorrows o the sudden demise of his father.
yu people can send you condolence messages,or may communicate with him on his mobile phone, or his residential no.
Kashif Rafique,
2003 texpert


Luck played a major role in getting the volleyball team to this stage. The opponents didn’t show up for today’s match and TIP got a walkover to the finals which will be held in Islamabad from the 8th of February.

I’d like to thank Adnan Dohadwala, Talha Ahmed and Mazhar Moosani for filling the spaces in the team created due to the non-presence of half the team because of the cricket match against NED.

We did however play three friendly games against the College of Physical Education out of which we managed to win one.


Danish Mansoori
Naeem Bukhari
Aasim Ahmed
Mazhar Moosani
Adnan Dohadwala
Talha Ahmed

The team is now in search for a sponsor for kits and travel expenses. Please do contact me if you know someone who might be interested in sponsoring us.

TIP loses due to lack of practice!

In their first match against KU, TIP’s volleyball team lost 3-0. TIP’s performance on the whole wasn’t bad considering the fact that they played their first volleyball match as a team against a highly experienced team which has been in regular practice.

After losing the first game 25-6, TIP showed improvement in the second and third games with scores of 25-8 and 25-12.

A better performance is expected in the second match against Urdu Science University on Saturday.


Naeem Bukhari
Arafat Tahir
Danish Mansoori
Hammad Siddiqui
Ahsan Bari
Omair Alavi
Salman Hussain
Aasim Ahmed

The team members are thankful to Mr. Ali Hafeez for his support in getting the team together and making our participation in the ‘1st University Games 2004’ possible.