TISF Elections around the corner

Ladies and gentlemen! The 2004 TISF Elections are around the corner and no one has decided whom to vote for! For this years elections, the hottest competition is for the position of General Secretary. Who will it be?!

Will it be the dashing, 5 foot 9 sexy second year with the sexy accent who makes the girls go crazy. Presenting Hilal Afridi, your favorite and mine!

Or will it be the 250 kg (chest 28 inches, waist 55 inches, even larger backside), and ever eloquent man who climbed up a ladder only to come back down (ask for details).The very man who dove into a pool only to empty the water. Presenting our other favorite, the hard working Mazhar Moosani!

The author remains anonymous.

The New Hourly System

With two hourlies per semester, it give students more time to be invloved in their coursework and less towards their grades. Gives faculty more time to plan class rather than planning hourlies. And it keeps the pressure on us students, because if you mess up the first hourly, you’re pretty much screwed!

But (yes, there’s always that), Depp is right about the paper pattern. We have no idea what the hourly exam is going to look like, so the chances of doing bad are greater. Case in point; Abdul Jabbar for most of his classes at TIP has had to cut down the weightage of his first hourlies because the majority would flunk.

I propose that all teachers should file a copy of each hourly, past, present and future, in the library and let students have access. The benefits are bountiful, and the drawbacks none.

See Here come the Hourlies for more on the topic.

Whats Up at TIP?

I’ve been hearing news about many of our teachers leaving TIP. Adil Mossajee, Assia Samad, Abdul Jabbar and Shujaat Alvi had already gone or resigned. Umair Saeed is also planning to leave.

Adil Mossajee and Shujjat Alvi have indeed left TIP. Adil is pursuing higher education in the United States, and Shujjat is working at a textile machinery firm.

Assiah Samad has been sent on a British Council Scholarship, partially funded by TIP, to pursue further education to be better equipped to teach when she returns.

Umair Saeed has independently applied for a scholarship to pursue further education. Him and Shujjat Alvi had intended to go abroad for studies last year, however the Board did not fund them at that time.

Rumors about Abdul Jabbar resigning in disgust about the state of our Wet Processing Lab equipment and the lack of TIP doing much about at are there. But Abdul Jabbar has not resigned. Yet.


This is something of great seriousness. Some think that these teachers are not imperative for our institute but after seven months on my job I have realized their prime importance. Even though some teachers had a rough attitude, all of you out there would agree that their course helped us a lot in our jobs.

Then there is one other problem and that is hiring of TIP graduates and giving them subjects to teach in which they are not strong. A 4.0 GPA student doesn’t mean that they?re strong in every subject. The management should find those students who are capable of communicating with the students and understand the subject that they are teaching. Rahil is such an example with his mastery of weaving.

Students should also encourage the management to spend money on academics rather than on sports and extra curricula. For example the basketball court didn’t need to be made because there are very few people interested in the game. [Ed: wrong, we have many good players. We more often than not see people playing cricket in the basketball court. Money should have been spent on getting the latest books and lab equipment or rather sponsoring deserving students.

Written by Texperts.

IBA Students Visit TIP

After TIP’s recent success at IBA, winning the IBA Inter-University Debate 2004 and Best Concept at IBA’s Cross Roads Theatre Festival, IBA students were intrigued enough to find out about TIP for themselves.

On Friday, 26th March 2004, two bus loads of IBA students turned up at TIP. They were treated to an introductory presentation on textiles by Umair Saeed, and an free lunch prepared at our very own cafeteria. And they were given a tour of our campus, especially the studios, and spinning and weaving labs to see for themselves what TIP and textiles are all about.

And they were impressed.

Dawn Education Expo 2004

Textile Institute of Pakistan will participate in the premier education exhibition organized by the Dawn Group on April 3 & 4, 2004 at Expo Centre Karachi.

The exhibition will feature both local & International universities and institutions of higher learning and will provide excellent interaction opportunities for students, academia and institutions to network, interact and mingle.

The ‘Dawn Education Expo 2004’, is being organized at a crucial time in the academic calendar when students are looking to apply for higher education, thereby increasing both interest and traffic in the exhibition.

Preparation are in progress for the stall set up and other display and promotional options, design faculty and students are specially contributing towards this preparation with specially designed slide shows and presentations.

We hope to see you there.

About the Commenting System

In the last few weeks, the openness of the Quack! Online Commenting System has been an issue of serious discussion. The quality of comments has seen a massive deterioration, and the use of choice language is on the increase. The Quack! Team pondered upon the many options available to keep comments on discussion, and decided that openness and anonymous commenting must not be compromised.

In this lieu, 20 recent comments has been deleted (the total number of comments as of now are 981, down from 1001). Any comments that are off-topic, that is, not pertaining to the article or topic being discussed, will be deleted by our new Super AutoMagick Quality Comment System(tm).

And for those who have a cow, a forum is being implemented where you can rant, rave and abuse to your hearts content. The Quack Team has a job opening for a Forum Administrator. The pay scale depends upon the individual.

TIP wins Elementary Date at IBA

Talha Ahmed & Adil Marvi (both TS2) did TIP proud at IBA’a Cross Roads, a theatre festivel organized for charity on Sunday, 14th March 2004. Professional theatre groups BhaiLoog and FUNtoos were amongst the participants along with performances by Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and IBA itself.

“It was really difficult for our novice but talented participants to survive with Elementary Date, (performed at TIP’s Hoola Talent Pandora as well),” noted a TIP student at the event “It was tough for the couple to face the fussy audience. But Adil and Talha with Aasim Ahmed’s live music put their best efforts and won the appreciation of audience and judges.”

The judges decided to establish a new category, the Best Concept Award, which was given to TIP.