Guess who I am talking about

In our beloved TIP there are so many things to be talked about and from all of them I am going to visualize and talk about a very important personality of TIP.

It was the first day of my second semester, I was so anxious to attend her class. From my very first day at TIP, I really liked her personality and the way she talks.
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Students turn to Quran for help

During the recent TISF elections, some students turned to the Quran to help them get their chosen candidates elected. This particular group of students, all from the senior classes, had one student swear upon the tawees that he will vote for their candidate. Another student was being forced to swear upon the lohae quran, but he somehow managed to avoid being taken in. Both students are hostel residents.

The group wielding the Quran initially denied the occurrence, but let it slip during a situation right after the TISF elections. The next day the situation escalated into a near fight, with the group threatening physical harm to the freshmen involved. However, when the truth of the situation came to light, everyone said ‘let bygones be bygones.’


Did you ever do something weird? Or do you feel guilty about something related to your past and have always wanted to share it anonymously with the rest of the world? Then here is your chance, CONFESS

E.g. I confess, “I drank a chicken’s blood when I was twelve and it sure did feel good with a bit of sugar.”

Write in your confession on a piece of paper and drop them in the CONFESSION BOX placed in the library and we’ll make sure that it reaches the rest of the world.

You don’t have to put your name on the confession; it’s your only chance to get it off your chest.


Some guys really need a head start into expulsion

I congratulate Maryam for voicing the concern of a number of fresh students, teachers and a few honest peace loving juniors and seniors. Ragging and playing pranks, is certainly against basic human rights. The usage might make you smile but the sort of unethical, immoral and obscene pranks played by those ragging the freshmen do really fall in the category of human rights. I have advocated the use of more stern action against the oppressors and I would personally see to it that in future all genuine complaints are redressed. Some guys really need a head start into expulsion.

Posted by Hisham bin Zubair | April 16, 2004 09:18 AM

The aftermath of the elections

By Talha Ahmed Siddique

You know one thing I have seen that we people find it very hard to accept the defeat, may it be of any kind. We some how or the other find a way out to satisfy our selves temporarily. For example (I will give examples related to the elections as it would be my focus here) I have heard people say things like, ‘had the Burger party supported me I would have never lost’, or I have even heard one say that there has been an element of rigging in the elections, which in my opinion is all rubbish. Hey, I know it’s hard to put up with the setback, but what’s the point in blaming someone.

‘But he was my friend, at least he should’ve voted for me’ I heard one of the candidates say who lost in the recent TISF elections. You people must have also heard people saying the same thing. If a friendship is being affected by elections, then let me tell you that it was not even friendship in the first place; it was just an interaction, which was broken due to unavoidable circumstances. People don’t really realize the meaning of friendship. It has a much superior meaning and significance than it seems. Friendship is not something, which can be easily affected by this small thing like elections. It is high time that we should realize that what friendship is and give it ample amount of room in our hearts to reside comfortably.

International Organization of Pakistani Women Engineers

iopwe-logo.gif The International Organization of Pakistani Women Engineers (IOPWE) is a leading organization for Pakistani women professionals and student with a goal to enable women achieve their full educational and career potential. IOPWE was founded in August 1995 with the mission of dispelling the archaic perceptions of the roles of Pakistani women in our communities.

What began as a group of women engineers of Pakistani heritage and has evolved into a dynamic organization of more than 250 individuals from varying backgrounds and disciplines and around the globe, all of whom share a passion for empowering women to achieve educational and professional excellence.

IOPWE is incorporated in California, USA and is currently in the process of establishing a non-profit status.
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