Quack Appreciated Here and Outside

Quack! Online has received numerous emails over the past year from students and others outside TIP, all appreciating and applauding our efforts as exceptional in Pakistan. This particular email arrived during the last academic week of this semester, and is touching in its timing when many of us are going through trying times. Thank you Amna, we at Quack! also wish you the best in your life.

hi all,

its a nice try 4 collectin views n reviews bout the university, i bieng not a part of ur univ. can’t help praising u ppl. n every 1 hooz behind the makin of this website.

all i’d rite is that goin thru pplz views, i felt that v shudnt raise eyebrows over li’l things. this time period of 1z life is sumthing very important, ven u leave this place, u’ll b steppin in ur practical life, n all that u’ll b takin along wud b a bit of knowlegde n memoris that stay with u all ur life. its skool, then college then university, n i must say, this is the last time u can feel that u were born free. once u step outta this world, u’ll miss ur frendz, as well as ur enemies 🙂 those spicy talks, those sweet thoughts n every every thing every every moment, so try to make it a whole world of lovely memories rahter than harsh talks n a whole bunch of enemies.

Best of luk 4 every thing u do in life , alwayz.

Amna A. S.

Sad Demise of Fellow Tipian

Our beloved friend and fellow Tipian, Syed Khurram Ashraf, Batch of 1994 expired on May 18, 2004, at 6:30 am in a road accident, in South Carolina, USA.

Innalillahe Wa Inna elahe rajioon. May God rest his soul in peace. Ameen.

Khurram joined TIP in the very first batch of 1994 and transferred to Clemson in 1997 and graduated accordingly in 1998.

Let us all remember him in our prayers.

The Anderson Independent Mail carries the news item on his demise at Tuesday morning wreck kills Clemson graduate.
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TIP Love Phenomenon

Different people take love in a different meaning. In Urdu terminology, love is of two types:

  1. One is love with the God called mobahat haqiqi,
  2. and second love is with someone else other then God called mobhanat majahzi

It maybe with your parents, your brothers and sisters, your children, your family members or may be with your girlfriend. This phenomenon is very common in my age group and also in our Institute. From first year to fourth year, we can get a lot of examples (I am not giving any example myself). Some found their love very soon (might be in first year or maybe at their very first day at TIP), some found love in later years, and some didn’t find love even after three to four years. They are now saying “Challay be aao kay chaman ka karobar chalay.Continue reading “TIP Love Phenomenon”

A Sticky Situation

Friday, May 14, began with most of the door locks in the main building super glued with Elfi. While at first the TIP security was flabbergasted, when the administrative staff arrived, things started moving quickly. The door locks where broken to allow access to the computer lab, lecture theatre, and faculty offices (and others?). Shakel Ahmad then called a meeting in the auditorium.

That’s where things started to get ugly. Shakeel Ahmed was disgusted at the prank, saying that Rs. 20,000 will have to be spent replacing the door locks, and vowing to find the culprits. He went on to saying that ‘all of you [students] come from terrible families’ [paraphrased from Urdu – Ed]. He also decided to disallow access to the computer lab and library after 4:00 pm. He did sound apologetic towards the end, saying that his speech was directed towards the culprits, and not towards the student body as a whole.

Shakeel Ahmed also ordered a search of the hostel to find those responsible. In a very through search, 18 tubes of Elfi were found inside 2 rooms on the first floor, including empty Elfi tubes thrown outside their windows. One of the students residing in those rooms was also involved in another infamous incident.

What happens ahead is still to be seen. But what has happened so far, from the administrations side, has been ugly and inelegant.

First Impressions

As I was ushered into the impressive auditorium hall by a sophomore I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline. The one hundred and fifty so students that stared back at me were to be my peers for the next fours years.

Naturally, my mind like everyone elses’ present there, started making it’s first impressions; making a mental list of the ‘would be friends’ and the ‘never to talk to’s.’
As I scanned the lot of girls seated towards the left side of the ‘audi’ I noticed two girls in particular who seemed to be commenting on- me-. Thus from the first day that I stepped into ‘uni’, I heartily pronounced them unreachable, and in the politest possible way………unlikable.
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