Comment Wannabe 2: The Nothing better to do’s

After the amazing success of comment wannabe, I bring you the much delayed comment wannabe part 2.

Just to refresh your memories, the first piece was used to point out those who post comments just to get a high ranking on the comment leader�s list.

The second one which has a much more direct approach is meant for those who post comments using anonymous nicks and write things that make absolutely no difference to anyone nor make any sense.

Guess that wraps it up. Happy commenting!

TIP Top 5 “Ins and Outs”

Time is running fast, my second year has passed in TIP and it feels like just six months. People change, things change and so do we. Each semester brings new changes in our lives. During each and every semester our thinking evolves into new dimensions of ideas and innovations, making us more mature. As time passes here, you will realize that some of your best friends change into your nastiest foes by the time you reach next year. Trends change quite drastically here some times positively and at times negatively, but then this is TIP. Continue reading “TIP Top 5 “Ins and Outs””

Khurram Ashraf’s sad demise

We all know about the sad demise of Khurram Ashraf, who had tranferred to Clemson from TIP and graduated in 1998. Our President Shakel Ahmad and Ms. Weinhold of the Anderson Independent Mail had an email conversation, regarding her article which was re-printed on Quack! Online.

Shakel Ahmed’s email to Ms. Weinhold follows.

Dear Ms. Weinhold,

I write to you as President of the Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP), a university at Karachi associated with various fields of textiles. We are quite moved by the touching piece written by you on May 18, 2004 about Khurram Ashraf and wish to register our gratitude to your newspaper for remembering one of our alumni in such kind words. It was indeed tragic to have lost him in an unnecessary accident. Khurram had gone to the USA (Clemson) to complete his studies there. TIP was established with the help and guidance of faculty at Clemson and it was natural for him to pursue further academic interests at the mother institution. Recently setup and being a small institution (one of only two in the country) we have so far produced 284 graduates. This is why we remember each one of them because our interactions are still like those of a close nit family. On behalf of the TIP family, I wish to convey our sincere thanks to you personally and to your esteemed newspaper for carrying the story in a personalized away instead of simply reporting it. I pray that Khurram’s family is granted the patience to bear the loss with fortitude and that the Almighty grant his soul eternal peace in heaven.

Shakel Ahmad
President – Textile Institute of Pakistan

Ms. Weinhold’s reply to Shakel Ahmed.

Dear Shakel-

Thank you so much for taking the time to send such a kind letter. It is always saddening to have to write stories on accidents that take lives, and my work on Syed’s passing was certainly no exception. He seemed to have touched the lives of many people here in his time in the United States, and even though I never knew him I feel confident his death was a great loss.

All my best-
Wendy Weinhold

You may still contribute

You may still contribute poem(s), article(s) or any other form of filler for the annual magazine, the Talking Textures. People who wanna contribute anything, may mail it to :

Your contribtution will be appreciated. On behalf of the publication team, I thank those who have already contributed.

Another meaning to the term Rat Race

While the Oral Communication presentations were in progress in the auditorium (17 May), a little grey coloured creature was seen scurrying across the parapet of the ceiling and audaciously made its way onto the stage. Undaunted by this distraction, students continued with their presentations while the furry rodent kept darting to and fro. Try as we might, the animal refused to leave the premises.

Housekeeping Staff please take note of “intruders”.

The article has been contributed by Mrs. Shameem Noorani

Is good language proficiency all you need for a good article?

I seem to have lost my flair for writing impromptu for I haven�t been able to cook up a decent beginning since some ten and five minutes off the clock. Does that make me a bad writer then? Good or bad I leave my comment crew to decide, all I know is that I need more lemonade as a starter too cool off my grey cells in Karachi�s sizzling summer season. (44 degrees�..dam).

Now that I’ve religiously gulped down two glassfuls, I think I’ll let my random thought process do it’s magic. So for the sake of asking, does good grammatical usage ensure a good article? HHmmm��.. I think I’m ‘almost’ completely sure that it doesn’t. True a good usage of vocabulary does spice up an article. It’s like having home-made mango chutney with dal chawal( ��scrumptious), but I doubt whether you�d want the same chutney with halway puree and kabab paratha too��., some might, but others might barf at the very idea.
Continue reading “Is good language proficiency all you need for a good article?”