IOPWE announces its first scholarship for US students

This year IOPWE will be granting its first scholarship to a female student of Pakistani origin who is enrolled (or is in the process of enrolling) in an American University for pursuing an undergraduate degree in the Engineering or Computer Science Departments. The amount of scholarship will be up to $3000 to contribute towards the student’s tuition, books, admission fees or other academic expenses. The scholarship will be accorded to the student on the basis of merit and need.

For scholarship details, please visit Remember, the deadline for applying is Auguat 31, 2004.

Send all inquiries to with subject title: US Undergraduate Scholarship.

For membership details please visit

Visit Heimtextil 2004!

In light of the notices distributed and posted in campus regarding Heimtextil, I would like to remind you that those TIP students who are interested in visiting the event can form groups of up to 5 members and work to achieve their goal.

Your first step should be forming a group of maximum 5 members and selecting a group leader. Once you form your group, notify your class coordinator and he or she will guide you further.

For more information you can contact any of the people listed below or visit

Class Coordinators

First Year:

TS1A: Karim Kabir (
TS1B: Muzammil Ahmed (
TMM1 and AMM1: Adnan Dohadwala(
TDT1: Sidrah Nadeem (

Second Year:

Unaiza Raza (

Third Year:

Tehniyat Fatima (

Fourth Year

Abdul Saboor (