Dhamal carnival

The dhamal carnival was no doubt a success and the credit goes to Shehryar and his cabinet and to all those students who actively participated in this mega event. TISF is nothing without the students and only students can bring life to an event such as the carnival.

The lightings and the decorations depicted those of a desi atmosphere as it was the theme, the outfits; the chunaris, the dhotis, the ajraks and the kurtas brought life and color to the surroundings. Never have I seen the lake so beautiful, the exterior of the lake was lightened up and the famous TIP tower was also dazzling, surrounded by lights and colorful mutkas.

The arrangement of stalls was also according to the theme with ajraks and ghanas which were used to decorate the stalls making it look like a desi dhaba. Initially students were more interested in the stalls but as the talent show started, slowly and gradually people settled down and enjoyed the performances by our students. The piece that stole the show was by the second years in which they imitated mailas and the burger wannabes of TIP. Musical performances by the hostel residents and Saad and Ali and by first years made the talent show exciting and fun to watch.

It was also refreshing to see the texperts enjoying the festivity, visiting the stalls, dedicating songs to each other and mingling with the future texperts. A huge crowd (compared to previous years) stayed back for the movie night in the open air theater. Overall it was an event which was enjoyed by students as well as faculty members and texperts.

Freshmen’s Carnival 2004!

The time has come for the freshmen to prove their might… it is time for this semester’s mega event, The Freshmen Carnival. Don’t miss the occasion, it’s entertainment guaranteed!


  • 4:00 pm the celebtrations begin!
  • 7:00 pm Main Event and Talent Show
  • 10:00 pm end of show
  • 10:30 pm Buses depart

Late night movie at 11:30 pm till 4:30 am in the morning. Morning buses leave at 7:00 am.

Cajoling The Need for a Mosque

I presume the name of the article is pretty succinct and easy for anyone to understand (no that wasn’t sarcasm).

I do not know if someone already has talked on this issue or not, but the feeling inside is so obstinate that I have to let it flow. I believe that a ‘Masjid’ is a very important and a very holy place for every muslim, so why do we have to go to the cafeteria to offer our friday prayers?

I was told by someone that this is a very good place to make your point and to reach out to the Bosses out there… so here I am.

Correct me if I`m wrong, but I’ve heard that friday prayers are supposed to be offered in a Masjid where regular prayers are offered.. so would anyone tell me that if anyone ever bothers to go to the cafeteria to offer any of the daily prayers?

I’ve heard people talking about getting new machinery in the labs and getting some good stuff for the university, but I’ve never heard anyone talking about the delayed construction of the Masjid.

Secondly, okay… everyone goes to offer their friday prayers in the cafeteria (hostel) but then again, what about the sound system?…

I might sound like a very immature whining kid, but comeon!… think about it… the guys standing in the last 3-4 rows can’t even hear the Maulana Sahab reciting.

I’ve seen the pillars of the new Masjid firmly engulfed by the earth but it’s been 5 years that this new campus has been envisioned.

What do you all say about this?…

Author: Anonymous


For more on need for a mosque, read “Need for a Mosque” by Mazhar Moosani and “Things we need” by Adil Marvi, published earlier at Quack! Online. The comments are especially interesting.

Achievements recognized

Certificates were awarded to particular students for their academic and sports achievements in a ceremony held at the main campus on 15th September 2004. Students were recognized for their sports activities (runners up, for tournaments we were supposed to take part in but didn’t and for a 101 other reasons) and also for their academic achievements for the spring semester 2003 and the fall semester 2004. This award ceremony which has become a ritual attracted about 230 students, 182 awards were supposed to be given out while many sportsmen were given 3 or more awards for taking part in a number of sporting activities.

Most of those who attended this ceremony walked out with at least one certificate and some of them didn’t even know why they were honored. The academic awards went on smoothly, in this case only those students were recognized who actually scored a GPA good enough to be enlisted in the dean’s or the president’s list.

Too many certificates were given away on the occasion; even the President deserved one for giving away a record number. Perhaps the motive behind the occasion was not only to recognize the best but also to thank the participants.

Those who didn’t win anything need not worry coz they were the unique ones, the very few who escaped this hap hazard ceremony without a certificate:)

At the end everyone was happy, those honored were given a treat in the cafe. Such rituals are a good sign that this institution encourages active participation in all other walks as well other than studies, especially sports which does need a lot of attention. However the fate of the recognition for the debate competition and the dramatics competition which TIP won at IBA still remains uncertain. It is quite strange that the strangest of achievements were recognized in this ceremony but no heed was paid to those who made their mark on foreign soil.

Congratulations to all students for their achievements. All the best to future sportsmen and achievers.

An Ideal TISF?

President Sheriyar Aslam Khan
General Secretary Mohammad Noman (Bhatti)
Sports Secretary Syed Kamaluddin Ahmed
Finance Secretary Ehsan
Publishing Secretary Adil Marvi
Social Secretary Ayesha Rehman

Elections fever is at last over. After last year�s performance by the TISF, it was re-named the “Textile Institute Soya wa Forum.” This year we are looking forward to seeing a more active and lively TISF. The TISF is nothing without the support of the students so please extend full support to the new TISF. They need appreciation and encouragement from us throughout the year and the rest leave it to them. We hope they provide full entertainment to us and do justice with their posts.

Real World Management

To reach a good decision, management teaches us to follow six steps:

# Define the problem
# Establish Criteria
# Formulate Model
# Identify Alternatives
# Select best Alternative
# Implementation

Let’s see how these points helped TMM-3 make a right decision regarding selection for the candidate for GS from their class.
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h3. Football Tournament Update

* Boyzhawk beat men in black 10-4
* Red Devils beat jigers 10-3
* Seven Baloch beat Sada Seven 4-2
* Mental-IDES got a walkover against FC-LIASON
* Agha’s Eleven beat Top dogs 4-2
* Samina ki Guriya beat Champions 2004 10-0
* Hostelites beat Sani-dhapa 2-0
* MPLB got a walkover agaist Sky level
* Boyz Hawk beat Red Devils 3-2
* Seven Baloch beat Mental-IDES 4-2
* Samina Ki Guriya beat Agha’s Eleven 3-0
* Hostelites beat MPLB 6-3

h3. Semi-Finals

* Boyz Hawk got a walkover against Seven Baloch
* Hostelites Beat Samina Ki Guriya 3-1 on penalty shootouts after a 4-4 tie.

The final between *Hostelites* and *Boyz Hawk* will be played on Wednesday, 22nd September, 2004 during TISF activity time.

Yeh kya hai? Yeh Quack kya cheez hai?

*And how reads it anyways?* Our judiciously measured statistics show that hundreds of people (well, a 101) read Quack! Online everyday, visiting quack.offroadpakistan.com 1561 times from over 28 countries and searching for things like ‘article on fashion textiles,’ ‘ali raza merchant’ and ‘role of women in textile.’

*But you ask, who reads Quack offline? Who reads it at TIP?* Our photographers waited weeks and finally found some 7 people reading Quack (as below picture proves). While they were embarrassed to caught on camera reading our student newspaper, Sana Kazmi was brave enough to comment; ‘Quack touches me at the very heart, it is the soul of this institution.’

april2 044.jpg

*But what is this in the first place?* Quack, like the TISF, stands to represent the students at TIP. The TISF as a forum puts a voice to the student body, a voice that is heard. Quack! Online is an extension that that voice. And oftentimes, we have been heard loud and clear!

*And now for a lesson in history.* Quack has its beginnings as the weekly student news bulletin of the Textile Institute of Pakistan, established by Rabia Shah (class of 2002) in 2001. During Rabia’s reign as Editor, Quack became an important part of the TIP culture. Students would eagerly wait the time Monday morning, when the latest Quack would be posted on the notice boards. Quack became not only an important source of news at TIP; it also was an outlet for students to vent their feelings, frustrations, and aspirations about TIP, its administration and faculty.

*And Yadda yadda yadaa, blah.* The future direction and longevity of Quack! is to move forward from weekly gossip to more regular news, views, opinions, interviews, and yes gossip also.

*You think Quack! is dull?* Come up with better ideas and let us know! We’re also recruiting new contributors (and readers!) and are looking for a photographer (camera will be provided). Email us online or contact Aasim Ahmed, Adil Marvi, Bilal Akther or Maryam Binte Ahmed for more information.