All about your intellect

Flushing is better than leaking,
the over flow of mental sensation,
And writing is preferred over saying,
the flush of feelings called emotion!

Why should I write when I can speak? I can easily convey my thoughts and feelings to others by speaking. Then why do people write? Why do they waste their time? The answer is that in the whole process they are discovering their consciousness. Things going at the back of the head, which you never discovered, some truth which you were hiding from yourself. You can discover things about yourself, of which you were unaware before. Your pen never hides anything from you but this can only be said about serious writers.
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Teachers are the gems and pearls:

Aisha Rahat

The teaching profession is one of the most meaningful jobs there is. It is the teacher who made us believe we could make our dreams come true. They are just like our parents and deserve respect and honor from us.

Hazrat Ali (May Allah be pleased with him), gave a comprehensive and complete advice concerning the rights of the teacher upon his student saying,

One of the rights of the scholar is that you greet people generally and then greet him with a special greeting; sit in front of him; do not point with your hand in his presence, nor wink with your eye; do not quote someone else who said opposite of what he said; do not backbite anyone in his presence; do not hunt for his faults, and if he makes a mistake accept his excuse; dignify him for the sake of Allah; if he needs anything, rush before everyone to serve him; do not whisper in his presence; do not grasp him by his garment; do not insist for answers when he becomes tired; do not ever feel you have accompanied him enough, because he is like a palm tree from which people wait for fruits to drop from.

Hazrat Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) gathered in his advice what suffices the need, but do we comprehend? Do we practice these small things in our daily life? Do we respect our teachers? No, we don�t! And it is very sad to know this. All through our academic career, the only thing we do is pointing the faults of the teacher and letting them down in every way we can as if God forbid we are superior to them. This is a very alarming and tragic situation. Our teachers are our assets. They are the ones who build our personality. No matter what ever we do, they would always have an upper hand on us. We should behave with our teacher nicely and sweetly, after all they also posses a heart. They need to be loved and cared. Teachers teach us for satisfaction of their soul and not just for earning money. No matter how harsh a teacher may be, we should learn to be down towards them and should do exactly as they say, should learn to accept our failures and should not argue with them.

Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali (May Allah have mercy upon him) said, “Knowledge cannot be acquired except through humbleness”.

We should complete our studies with dignity and pride and should always give due respect to our teachers, so that when we graduate, we graduate with honors and our teachers greet us by giving pats on the back rather than ignoring us because of how we behaved with them during our academic career. It is said:

“If you expect respect, be the first to show it”.

So my dear fellow students, show the teachers that you care and you love them by your behavior and if you have done wrong to them, say sorry to them because they need it and it will add to their greatness.

The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said, “Seek knowledge and train to be dignified and calm while seeking knowledge, and humble yourselves with those whom you learn from” (Tabaraani).

More Grass For One

Last week TIP’s ex-President Irfan Hussain came to visit after some many months. The most noticeable change around campus, he said, ‘More grass for one. After covering the distance to the campus it is appealing to the eyes. I see some new construction and of course there’s the newly set up apparel lab. I feel that these are positive steps towards further establishment of TIP.’

Quack!: What were some of the challenges you came across as president of TIP?

I.H: Initially we had to tackle with the IT-bubble that prevented students from joining any institutes other than those that offered computer related courses. However, all that has changed now and I feel that there has been an intake of very bright and talented individuals in recent years.
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Reporting 10/20

It started with a series of conflicts in the boys’ dormitory and culminated with the Warden and his family packing their bags and leaving the premises. Quack! brings you the true inside story:

The cold war that started it all, began a month ago, with a meet outside the cafeteria. The tension built, the very air was electrified, the slightest spark could have triggered off the inevitable. That spark finally came after sundown, immediately after Magrib prayers, this Wednesday, 20th October. Two students started throwing fists at each other inside the entrance of the Boys Hostel. Another boy in gallant effort intervened, but all in vain! The original two felons walked away practically untouched, and an unruly mob jumped the hero.

And what followed is a scene worthy of a horror story, a story so gruesome, with blood shed and tears. A story that is indescribable, unthinkable. And no one else intervened. They just sat there, in the dull manner they always acquire, watching the events unfold from the safety of the hostel cafeteria.


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Hamaree Taswerain Quack! Pay nahi Aateein!


Last week the local angry mob at TIP complained that Quack! did not feature any of their pictures. Quack! has become so popular at TIP that everyone wants to be in the spotlight. In order to calm down some of the angry protesters we have made a special effort to include their tasweerein in this week’s issue.


The Rotaract Club of TIP

Rotaract is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30. The program is part of a global effort to bring peace and international understanding to the world. It is what we call ‘A Global Network of Community Volunteers’.”

Inside TIP, it is not something too peculiar from the rest of the world (Regardless of the Environment at TIP). Infact it is a part of the same Rotary-sponsored service club with different leaders. We have Ali Reza Merchant as the President of the club, Mariyam B. Ahmed as the V.P alongwith several other members assigned different positions in the club. Radically we all work as small teams inside the club (such as publishing, finance, event management etc. etc.) with myself as a part of the writing/publishing program!

The substratum of this club is to help the needy in any ways possible (yes ofcourse we’re just students so we cannot just go off the hook and help them… but we could ask others to help them if we cannot provide them wit’ normal solutions). Right now we’re on to collect some books for a school where every ‘Rotarian’ is supposed to get atleast 5 books or else, he/she might have to part the club or would be forced to do so. We would be arranging many fund-raising events in the near future which includes dance parties, concerts, festivals and all.

The deal is not about collecting funds and partying all night long, it is about building your character… developing self-respect…serving your community and promoting goodwill…gain an understanding of the needs, problems & oppurtunities within your community and worldwide….and creating a moral instinct within one’s self.

How many times have we ever sat down and given a thought to all the blessings God has bestowed upon us, and how many times have we actually sat down to thank the Omnipotent rather than asking for more and more? It’s not just money, but social, psychological and physical problems a person faces in his/her daily life. It’s about helping other people and getting help if anyone ever needs it even if its a member of the club. The whole team is a de facto family, we start working on things within ourselves first and that is what we’re doing these days (trying to teach our fellow students how to use coffee cups).

If anyone is interested in joining the club or wants to be a rotarian/rotaract… look around and you`ll see someone to guide you!

Eat TIP drink TIP

TIP,situated some 40 km from central Karachi, at Ghaggar Phatak, has its own uniqueness and distinct features. This 50 acre land with a population of almost 500 students and over 20 teachers has its own rules and regulations which distinguish it from all other institutes located in the city. Whether it is raining cats and dogs, or it is burning with 50 °C., whether it is a strike or the conditions of the city are not good, whether the terrorists are on the loose, or the enemy is preparing for an attack, you have to at all cost open your eyes at 6:30 a.m. to get ready for Tip and catch your point. This is an everyday routine of an ordinary Tipian. Some mad people like me are at the stop 30 minutes before the actual timings of the point�s arrival to be on the safe side, while some are just on time. And some! They are doing multi-tasking: writing SMS to a friend to stop the point for them, at the same time waving at a rickshaw to give them a lift and then they start playing �Pukram Pukrayee� Some of these latecomers are lucky enough to catch the bus while some end up lutkafying in a Thatta bus. For these people Shakespeare once said “better to be three hours earlier than one minute late.”

In the point, there are various activities going on. Looting the juniors, boys� hooting on girls, girls opening their Gheebat corners is a usual way of passing one hour and forty minutes in the point. Mostly after every 20 minutes you would hear a cry �Tape chala do!� By the time the point passes by FAST, everyone in the point is fast asleep and just when you start having sweet dreams, the point would land on TIP premises.

In TIP some are habitual latecomers. They arrive in the classes 10 to 20 minutes late with very intelligent excuses; “Sir Ghaggar Phatuk bund tha” or “�Sir! Aaj hostel ka point late ho gaya.” Once classes start, there are various ways of entering and exiting the classroom. Some enter through the door and leave through the window while some enter through the window and leave through the door. When it comes for the teacher to take attendance, some attend their roll call by waving their hand from the door “Sir, I am present” Some leave this task to their friends “Sir woh present thay abhi abhi bahar gayay hain!” Some students are present physically but mentally absent. Some times the teacher is also absent! When this time comes, it is like Eid for that class. Some times the teacher is present but there is complete “Sannaaata” in the class. And sometimes only the teacher is present in the class.

There are many places at TIP and how these places are being used is worth mentioning. The library for instance is a favorite place not for studying, but breaking library rules and chappering books because students of TIP believe Ilm ki choori koi choori nee hotee.

…Most suitable for all kinds of sports, playing cards and for smoking. And when you want to buy a mirchon walay chips, the cafeteria wala will tell you Bachon ko mirchain lagtee hain iss liyay hum nay mirchon walay chips hata diyay.

Designing studio is a different world altogether. It is like a TV studio where you can hear any kind of music, where you can find all sorts of actors and actresses, directors and writers, and all kinds of funny people.

The auditorium is a place where we take our weave design classes and bunk all the so-called important speeches of important personalities.

Lake is the place where germs live instead of ducks.

Hostel is a wonderful place where Sadaf and her friends live.

Classroom is a place where you can throw chalk at each other, eat Tuc biscuits and Super Crisp chips, drink water, sleep, laugh, cry, mourn and merely do everything except study.

So this is the beautiful world of TIP! A place without whom we TIPians cannot survive.