Big Bashup by TIP Students, This Time Online!

This space now open for the ensuing phadda going on below!

Especially since someone else finally wrote on The Beach Bash (no pictures though), we can really tear up this space! See the comments for more, and throw in your two cents.

Unhygienic Food Caused Diarrhea, Vomiting, Dehydration

Did you know what orkut has a Textile Institute of Pakistan community with over 200 members (thats about a couple hunderd more than Quack!). And its quite an active community with many Texperts and faculty members connected. Here’s a sample conversation:

Murtaza Ali Hasan Shaikh on 11/27/2004 10:15 PM

Will somebody tell me, how long will it take for our cafeteria people to stop serving unhygienic food. Whoever ate those kabab-parathas last Thursday (25th November) suffered from diarrhea, vomiting and moderate dehydration. This is something which has to be stopped. I strictly condemn this serving of unhygienic food to the students.

Will the cafeteria in-charge look into the matter? It is my request to the cafeteria in-charge and the responsible authorities to please assure that the food served to the students is hygienic and the oil used in the cafeteria kitchen is not carcinogenic, and that it is replaced with regular intervals.

I hope, actions would be taken against this extreme act of irresponsibility from the cafeteria staff. Lastly, I again condemn what happened last Thursday and hope this will not happen again in future.
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Job Hunting Excersise

Every year of my five years at TIP, many students from the graduating class would come to me to ask “Sir, kaunsa job karna chahiyeh,” or “dyeing mein sub say ziadah salary miltee hai na?” and I would go through a long exercise with them. But since I am not there this year, and just in case you do need help, here is a little checklist:

* Think of the various kinds of jobs in terms of what you will be doing 5 years from now (NOT in terms of what you will be doing upon joining), and in which possible directions they can lead you.
* For each job in #1, think of one person that does that job and has been in that direction for 5 years. If you don’t know a person in the field, either research or imagine. Now think of this person’s responsibilities, routine, work timings, pay, lifestyle, and career direction.
* Now for the most important part. Understand what kind of work will suit you best. For instance, if you are a people’s person, you may want to head toward marketing; if you are into problem solving, you may like merchandising; if you are into technology, you may like dyeing etc.
* Always remember, no matter what job you choose, you will not get a good salary in the long-term for the job you get, but for what the job gets from you.
* Finally, you will spend more time at work than at home. Pick you career wisely.

There are about six months to graduation. Start hunting!!! Good luck to all.

HEC proclaims TIP a “B” category institute

By Raghib Ali Khan

In 2002 the Higher Education Commission (HEC) came into being by a federal constitutional order to replace the University Grants Commission (UGC). The purpose of the HEC is to control and monitor the educational activities in universities in the public and private sectors. Since then, Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman, chairman of the HEC with a wide experience of teaching and also managing educational activities, proved his abilities and sincerity by the performance of the HEC and the improvement in the educational sector in Pakistan. Dr. Rahman has the status of a federal minister and heads this commission with the executive directors which are equivalent to the state secretaries.

However, the purpose of this introduction is not to praise the HEC or Dr. Rahman, but to bring light to a serious issue.

The HEC states some basic requirements for any university or other the degree-awarding institute (can be download from Two years ago, the HEC pointed out that about 40% of universities in Pakistan are not meeting the basic requirements and gave them a five year period to fulfill them. Now on November 13th 2004, after about two years since the initial announcement, the HEC again advertised the names of the universities in all major papers of the country in which they categorized all universities in four major categories, category A to category D with category A universities fulfilling all basic requirements and category D with universities in extremely poor condition that do not fulfill any requirements. The degree awarding status of category B, C and D institutes and universities is deemed to be cancelled in 2007. The HEC will also advertise again in January and warn the parents and students not to take admission in such institutes.

The Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP) falls in category B which is for the universities or degree-awarding institutes which do not meet HEC requirements.

In an interview on Geo TV, Dr. Rahman on November 21th in outlined some of these basic requirements:

# basic infrastructure
# teaching level
# Ph.D faculty
# And some others.

My point is not to bring in your knowledge that TIP is a B category institute and is lacking in all three basics. Our infrastructure is not enough that fulfill our requirements, out Wet Processing Lab have converted into classrooms, our gym has converted into an Apparel Studio and future plans are up in the air. Many Ph.D teachers, including Dr. Jabbar, Dr. Zubair Bandukda and Dr. Khalid Pasha, and other good teachers such as Adil Moosajee and Aslam Khan have left. Their replacement teachers are all undergraduates (Bachelor-pass). The end result is that our teaching and studies suffered and students are unhappy with the current state of affairs.

We should consider this all and bring into debate as it is not only necessary for TIP but also for our good future.

Word spreads like wildfire!

I believe it’s laid down in black and white. Any students involved in physical misconduct will be awarded a warning for their first offence and thrown out on their second offence.

Some people, however, due to narrow escapes, will never learn. If they weren’t in trouble already, one of the third year’s, last week, smacked a second year in the face over a petty issue which started as a joke.

The senior felt that his authority had been insulted. So smack he went. Not once but twice, straight in the face, entertaining the crowd sitting outside the dorms.

The smart victim kept his cool and didn’t retaliate at the moment. The following day as he was on his way to the president the very senior who had hit him approached, begging and pleading. Mein bura, he said. I deserve to be hit. Hit me. Slap me he said, taking the juniors hand and hitting his face. I’ll do anything you say. Just don’t report this to the President.

The matter wasn’t reported and that night the respected senior placed aside his bharam and publicly apologized to the second year in presence of all those who watched the previous night’s events.