All shuggal and tafree at the TIP Hostel?

In my last four years at TIP, I never saw any day when there was no new story about the hostel, hostel students or hostel life. I could never understand and digest why students specially the day scholars, who have nothing to do with the hostel, are so worried about the hostel. Why they make up stories which have no reality, or comment on any one without any confirmation and solid reasons, I do not understand.

TIP hostel has nothing special about it, except its location 51 km away form the lively city, where after 10 pm no living thing is found except snakes, reptiles and hostel students.
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Dreaming the TIP Dream

It is not an exaggeration and neither an understatement to say that TIP has one of the best campus structure and facilities amongst educational institutions in Karachi, along with the campuses of AKUH and IVSAA. The lovely lake reminds us of the pool of knowledge, and the landscaped lawn suggests the drape of textiles and a unity of structure in the form of the main academic building. In my opinion, Textile Institute of Pakistan’s campus is one of the finest architectural landmarks of post-partition Pakistan (now thats an exaggeration).
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Kilims as a source of inspiration have got to be, at a glance, the most boring carpet weaves ever. The pseudo geometric designs coupled with the pastel hues are so not my cuppa tea. On a keener observation however (the second years had to use kilim designs as a source for their prints recently) one discovers that the repetitive motives form a sort of an optical illusion; which would have been mind boggling had the colour palette not been controlled.

So what exactly are kilims? Kilims known as the flat-woven carpets are used as cradles for babies, as the most beautiful part of the trousseau of a young girl, as floor coverings, wall hangings and sometimes as a sack to store grain or clothes in. The roof and the walls of the home of a nomad are made of kilims. Hundreds of colours, dancing on a kilim, are the expression of nature, dream, hope and love. Once you learn the alphabet of a kilim you can read it as if it is an antology of folk tales. It is not necessary to talk about the designs of a kilim it is upto your understanding of beauty and art.

Our Misfortune Library

Have you seen any library where when you enter, you are scanned from head to toe. And then met with the same treatment on your exit? Is this not shameful for a sensible respectable man to be subject to such treatment?

The TIP library has treasure of textiles and other books, available for students who come after a long journey from the city to the campus to get the required knowledge for their classes, presentations, reports and other projects. When I joined TIP four years ago, I saw a magnificent library. But what I hated the most was the guard at the entrance door who kept his suspected eyes at me until I left. When I was exiting, he once looked at me and then asked me to show my bag for search as if I was a thief stealing a book or trying to remove a book without issuing at the counter. This happened not only with me but also with many of my friends and still happens. By a rough estimate, 5-10 % of the TIP library books have been stolen. These books are meant for the reference use only, or some of them are issued for a certain period for night studies. Some of my friends don’t bother to issue books, and steal them or remove them with out issue. Some of the books are returned after the completion of the course period but most of them are never returned. After every semester our librarian issues warning letters for the lost books as the result of which some of my friends took courage to return them but still lots of books are misplaced from the library. Likewise, happened two semesters ago, when during a production and operations management course (by Mansoor Ali Khan), five original books were stolen. A notice was issued, stating that the results of the course would not be announced until the books are recovered.

After these heavy loses, the TIP management have started to keep photocopy books for student use. The originals are at back of the counter under their watchful eyes. That mean students are not allowed to use those books. They can only access photocopies in which pictures, diagrams, real life snaps or even the text is often not clear. Sometimes the library takes a full semester to get books copied, and when the copies come, the semester has ended or going to end. Now these books are of no use. Next semester, new books are referred and the whole process starts again.

The result of all this discussion is not to discourage the whole student body but we have some black sheep amongst us. We have the responsibility to locate them and at least stop them from theft. We all have a responsibility for this.

The “BC” Culture

Sitting in the Eqbal Ahmed Students Center, sheepishly ogling the bachiyan, envying the aggressiveness of the third and fourth years, in the midst of the my-gadgets-are-more-cooler-than-yours, I have issues with only one thing in TIP.

The “BC” culture which has a despotic rule in the TIP campus; everywhere around, in the cafeteria, corridors, hallways, outside the classrooms, one hears the BC words. I wonder why this is so a la mode in our society at TIP.

Slang and vulgarity are a part of our society. These have their roots in the frustrations and desperations of the social problems. How easily these words are uttered by us guys in front of our behnain (maayein and baityian).

Putting myself in a TDT girl’s imitated Prada shoes, I find that it really offenses the delicate sex. I feel like I am a suppressed gender who is looked by the boys with belittlement. I believe that girls are a blessing in our campus and should be respected not be derogated by this “BC” culture of insane slangs. I would also tell you about my observation that the BC slangs are mostly uttered by boys having complexes, or no girlfriends, and in order to feel on top and satisfy their egos, they derogate this wonderful gender with the most tasteless vernacular, which are mostly centered around female anatomy and female relations and they have an insinuation for sexual desires and frustrations.

I argued with some sensible friends of mine who made their point saying that girls at TIP have to be prepared for the real textile mill environment where things such as MC’s and BC’s are commonplace. They say that TIP’s “BC” culture actually gives a platform for our girls get accustomed to these things.

But my argument is that the designers do not really have to work in a mill environment. They usually work in places where people are more educated and sophisticated (my perception) and the ground reality is that 80% of the girls of TIP are in the design department and it is really not right to subject them to this BC-torture.

I know its impossible to stop people from spreading the germs of MCBC’s with lame things as fines and punishments (fines are impractical because then we’ll need audio recorders in vans, cafeteria and corridors for verification of the guilty) but still something can be done. I think it will be a good idea to have a Hyde Park kind of place for female and male students separately where they can talk, rant, abuse, insult anyone and anything. Another suggestion for this is that the girls of TIP start counter abusing the boys with objectionable slangs.

So folks, the least you can do is before venting you MCBC’s is to look around and scan the space so that it is female-free , with the nearest girl at least 25 metres away, only then bark out your very own lovely tasty slangs.

Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman to be Acting Dean, Dr. Shoib Arif resigns

March 7, 2005. This week Dr. Shoib Arif resigned from his position as Acting Dean. He says that his Deanship was becoming too stressful and affecting his personal and family life. It was also affecting his true passion of academia. He plans to engage in textile chemistry related research activities.

His research would meet the HEC recommendation for universities to increase research-based publications.

Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman has been duly appointed by the management as the replacement Acting Dean.

Quack! Online has also learned that there is a possibility that the management was not happy with Dr. Shoib Arif’s deanship, and thus had been planning to appoint a new dean.

Dr. Zubair Bandukada remains the Dean, though he is on long leave to pursue research activities at the William Lee Innovation Centre, University of Manchester.
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PUG 2005 Basketball

Our 2nd attempt at the 2nd Pakistan University Games 2005 has been initiated with the team event of Basketball last Saturday March 5, 2005 at the KPT Complex. We faced Mehran as our opponents. Unfortunately we lost (TIP 24 vs Mehran 32) but gave them a game to remember us, which is why the referees of the tournament awarded us a consolation prize.

Anyway, consider these options prior to degrading my brave heroes who squeezed upon their precious time to add grace to TIP by participating rather than giving the opposition team a walk-over. The challenges of the First Exam having a weightage of 25% rather than just 15%, two exams on the first day, and then assembling a team overnight in order to play together for the first time at the tournament only as the team was split-up between hostelites and day students.

The team comprised of Aasim Ahmed (captain), Zain Hasan, Mohsin Ali Sadiq, Minhaj Maroof, Adnan Dohadwala, Muzammil Ahmed, Khurram Ejaz, and Shayan Usmani.

Aasim and Zain were informed two weeks prior to the match, but the fright of exams was making our participation difficult. But at the eleventh hour lo and behold – transport (courtesy of Mohsin) and Shayan (for arranging the uniforms) and Aasim/ Zain team putting the rest together.

Next time! we get trainers and a coach and win some games…

Originally posted by Ali Hafeez on Orkut.