The Story Behind The Thatta Bus Situation

A Quack! Online Special… It all began with a phone call!

On the phone, Ammar Saif was heard saying “I am in a serious problem & it doesn’t seem that these guys (2 bus conductors) are going to let go off me that easily.” This was the time when a bunch of guys were sitting in the Hostel TV room, and they suddenly came across such a dramatic situation that they had never dealt with before. Its needless and at the same time useless to elaborate the aftermath of the decision that was eventually taken to subside the threat that was upon Ammar Saif. But its worth mentioning point is that had any one seen the battered face of Ammar Saif at the very moment he was rescued out of the bus, one surely would have feelings for him. A very respectful and and influential member of TIP management has been heard as saying that “agar Ammar Saif ko mara haii too nishan kahan haiin?

I would like to answer this senseless query by an equally silly question “Agar guards koo mara gayaa haii too nishan kahan haiin?
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