Degree Show 2005

The graduating class presents

Mix Media

May, 31 – June 2, 2005
TIP, Bin Qasim Campus, Eqbal Ahmed Students Centre (9:00 am – 2:00 pm)

June 6-7, 2005
Finance and Trade Centre (FTC), EPB Exhibition Centre (11:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Invitation cards (if required) are available at the city office.

SDC International Symposium on “New Dimensions in Textile Wet Processing”

The Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) Karachi Region

First International Symposium on “New Dimensions in Textile Wet Processing”

Tuesday, 7th June
Hotel Marriott, Karachi

Several eminent scientists of international repute will present their papers. Prominent among them are Dr. Peter Diggle, President SDC, Mr. K. McGhee, Chief Executive, SDC, Mr. Julio Peralis, Clariant and Dr. Wasif (India), a specialist in environmental issues in wet-processing and others.
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Finding ‘Miss Right’ in a world so wrong

by Hassan Khalid

Nowadays, guys are more obsessed with the worry of finding a perfect match for themselves, than they had ever been in the past. Some amongst us might say frowning, “Phewww I have never had paid heed towards this issue� and some might shrug and exclaim, “That’s not a big blue for me, I am damn confident when it comes to “chicks.” Whatever, but by and large, this finding is indigenous rather indispensable in every guys mind.
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Leaving and Remembering TIP

Four years have passed and I now I am leaving TIP (not only I but also my 70 batch mates). At this moment when ever I get time, I recall the days that I spend at TIP, the hostel life, the TIP study hours, the nights before the hourlies (now exams), the TISF functions, BBQ night, musical night, carnival night, dramas, movie night in open air theater and above all the early days of the each semester when the fresh students lot come in, the ragging days and nights, the ISSB at hostel, the TIP evenings, the fast blowing cool winds in hot days. TIP for me is not only the place of learning but also the place for the enjoyments and I avail this opportunity. The time I spend at TIP, I would not forget never ever in life.
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