Something isn’t right with our textile science course

Something isn’t making sense; something is missing. Those who are supposed to help us understand the riddles of fiber science are not making their points clear! And this is happening in our course titled, non other than Textile-176.

According to the instructor, he has never had such horrid results ever in his teaching experience! An alarming number of students have flunked the second hourly and a huge number of C’s and D’s have been awarded. Since we’ve entered this institute we have been tortured in to believing that we are the worst thing ever happened to this place. The proverb works both ways I guess, there are times we feel that this place is the worst thing that could happen to anyon. Anyways I thought I might get a general opinion on the issue as burying our heads in sand and pretending that everything’s going to be alright won’t get us any further.
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It’s Election Time Again!

by Javaria Said TDT2

It’s election time. The time of the year, again, when the entire TIP student population becomes imbued with fervor rarely witnessed. Students never seen before participating in any event are suddenly on the forefront. People are being extremely nice and free food is the order of the day. People are seen fighting, dealing, bribing and wheedling votes for all they are worth. Votes are sold, promised and snatched. The atmosphere is tense and everybody is seen busy. People are approached, convinced and campaigning is carried out on full scale. People who you don’t even recognize come up to you and act as bosom buddies. And then there are the personal attacks, the venom and the counter attacks. The amount of importance a ‘seat’ holds is unbelievable. It becomes a matter of life and death. Meetings are held, promises are made and deals are struck. Will people please lighten up?!
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To hell with elections. Get a life people!

by Sadaf Haque TMM2

Elections! The filthy politics and its parasites have clutched everyone in its jaws once again. One steps into the campus and finds people sitting at their certain addas in tolies grabbing people passing by and asking them who they are voting for. People whispering in ears, conspiring and fabricating plots against each other, it’s just too much. I just can’t take it. For crying out loud we all belong to the same institution and should have same values when it comes to behavioral acts. These are the second elections that I am being forced to bear.
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I am sure that you will vote for me!

by Hassan Khalid TS3

“What the heck? Elections are upon us again.” These words were uttered by an ordinary entity (me) as soon as I heard that we are again on the verge of this wicked game that in political dictionary finds it’s presence as the elections. Who says that the dirtiest possible leg pulling & back stabbing is witnessed when elections are held on the national level? Just what you have to do is look around and ponder a little on what’s going around nowadays in our campus. If still someone is reluctant or unable to ponder (due to the fear of chewing his brain out, smiles) then I can very well do the task. Back biting, false claims, dirty brain washing and summing up all “an unending battle with an unclear objective” is making waves every where.
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The Dramatics Within

by Dleep Kumar Rathore TS2B

During the lunch and Friday prayer break a group of first year students came and asked me about the importance of the TISF and its elections held annually which I deeply appreciated. I assumed my reply had satisfied these youngsters and had created a desire amongst them to work for the TISF in the coming year not knowing what was going through their minds.
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Meet the paparazzi

By Hassan Khalid (TS3)

As the hot summer is on its way, issues which are even hotter are brewing within the premises of our campus. Nopes, I am not going in to the clumsy details of the elections but the ongoing state of vengeance between the two genders (guys and the girls).

During the last two weeks, a couple of such strife has been reported but right now I am going to unveil just one. Two guys from third year (sciences) were having shakes at the shake corner of Iqbal Ahmed Student Center and the poor chaps less knew that they about to have electric shocks along with the shakes.
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