An open letter to the Country Club management

Dear Sir,

As students of the Textile Institute of Pakistan, we are happy to have the services of your reputable club managing our catering services. I’m sure you are already aware that catering to a university is far different from the services required for a club or other organization. And especially so for a residential university.

Many of our students live on campus and rely on your catering services for more than our basic nutritional needs. We’re very happy with the staple diet of one sabzi and one ‘meat’ dish offered at every mealtime. It gets us through the day quite nicely, sustaining us through our classes and extra-curricular activities. But sometimes, only sometimes, some of us think we could be happier. Wouldn’t a more balanced diet consisting of more vegetable, more fruit result in a more content student? Maybe a choice of some fine desserts after meals, and the availability of snacks and juices during the day, a selection of off-the-shelf chips, biscuits and candies? But that’s probably a distant dream, and probably not your responsibility.
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Is the cafeteria to serve the students or the clock?

By Fakeha Naeem TDT3

But stomach growling, parched lips, dehydrated hungry students, Where to go to quell the hunger pangs? Cafeteria? No way! Wrong answer.

You ask why? Well, simply because the cafeteria has no food to offer to the students, the only thing one can stuff oneself with, is tea which is available 24/7 and has absolutely no nutritional value attached to it.

Every single day the same dialogue is repeated between the students and the caterers.

“Kuch khane ko hai?”
“Nahi jee nashta aik ghante pehle khatam hu gaya hai”
“Biscuits? Chips? Sandwiches?”
“Sandwiches will be ready at 10 not before that”


“Sandwiches abhi mileain gay?”
“Nahi jee it’s 11:30 ab lunch hour hai”
“Can we have some fries?”
“Jee only at 3”

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Filth Affairs

Hearing the name country club catering, one expects great tasting, high quality food along with excellent hygiene standards. As I write this article I’m asking myself if I should go on and describe the situation to my full potential of the thought that people might stop eating in the cafe altogether after reading the gruesome details that I have to offer.

My thoughts are scattered and I’ll try and make them as sequential as possible. Starting with the cutlery, is it ever washed? Ofcourse it is! Why it’s dipped in a tub of warm water every now and then. I doubt that there’s barely a student who will not bear witness to the fact that the forks and spoons have residues of the previous weeks food from someone or the other’s mouths clung all over them. That includes the resident cat that is often seen on the table eating from the food trays. Turn your head away for a moment and the next thing you see a cat sitting in your food tray staring at you in the face.
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Orkut, setting the stage for the freshmen!


By Hassan Essani AMM2

As I was looking through our university’s community on Orkut, I saw some weird things happening. A variety of people, I found, adapted different strategies to achieve their various purposes. Some of them seemed ready to hit on the women!!

Here’s what I found in one of the scrapbooks. Yes I actually went through all that research to write this one article!

What did this guy have in mind while scrapping this freshman, a woman I must say. So concerned about freshmen and their future, Duh! Now, this is what I call sweetness at its peak, so caring and so sweet. A bit too much I must add. Isn’t it? Wish I had one in my days! :p

Some came up with their intellectual theories.


Does that make any sense at all? What’s the point in using such language and scaring the newcomers, not to mention their parents, out of their wits! This is just one of many such messages posted on Orkut!

Some were busy threatening.

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Lucky Draw at TIP


I had not walked a significant distance from the campus when almost all my friends came running towards me with a list of students in their hands. It wasn’t just any list like the list of students scoring high GPA or anything, it was a list of the students who had gotten suspended. It really struck me as a surprise because school had just started for me and I really did not want to miss the first days of my seniority. It isn’t like anybody cares or they did back then, everybody came up to me and regarded me as one of the luckiest people who had gotten suspended…suspended for Ragging juniors. Those holidays did not have any effect on my classes or whatso-ever but all I’ve been wanting to know since then is the reliability of their sources for suspending the students that they did. Seems more like they had a lucky draw and the luckiest pupils of TIP were to be given the honours of suspension for a week or so.

I am not posting this article to prove my innocence or whatever but I just want to let everybody know that I did not sit back home because I was guilty of my acts or something but it was only because I respected THEIR decision. Some of my friends whos names were there in the so-called ‘List of Lucky Students’ had not even done anything… and when you have not really interacted properly with any freshmen then how is it that your name is being highlighted amongst more than 400 students in the university to fall into the list of ‘What has already been mentioned above’? Had there been any veracity in the decision that was taken, then I believe 16 was not the right number for that list. I completely fail to understand how it was that they reached that decision. But as they say in urdu “khair hai… sab chalta hai”, I`m going to go on with this as well.

Who am I to question the Big Boss’s decisions when everybody else failed to do that? Oh, and the funniest part of this whole incident was the name of one of my friends was handwritten on a digitally printed list.

The Nation on Campus Interview with our Dean


The Nation, a Lahore-based nation-wide daily, interviews our Dean Dr. Hafizur Rehman. An excerpt:

What are the main challenges facing the institution?
The field of textiles, spinning, weaving, wet processing, garment manufacture etc. is constantly evolving. The textile institute of Pakistan has to focus its potential to ensure that our graduates are equipped with up to date knowledge from every aspect of textile processing so as to cope with the versatility of the industry. The courses thus being offered are constantly undergoing change so that they are designed to meet modern industry specifications.

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The Irfanolution Is Back Upon Us

Irfan Hussain

The Man Behind TIP’s Revitalization
The Glorious Return of TIP & Mr. Irfan Hussain

By Abid Reza TS4

Ahh, some back-breaking and exhaustive internships … why do they call them summer “vacations” anyways?? In no time, we found ourselves at the doorsteps of our final year at TIP. No, not again… same boring classes, with those inexperienced teachers. Life’s dull.

But it was not all dull about coming back to TIP. Rumors had it that our former president Mr. Irfan Hussain was coming back to replace Mr. Shakeel Ahmad. The speculation about his return and the changes he’ll bring with him were the most common talk amongst the students in summers. And as we expected, he was back indeed. Let’s see the befores and afters of this man.
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