Teaching Textiles

Teaching Textiles Seminar and Conference December 2005

Seminar and Conference

December 2-3 2005, at the Textile Institute of Pakistan

Selected topics:

  • New Directions: How Technology is Changing the Industry
  • Climbing the Textile Chemistry Value Chain
  • Tradition and Modernity in Fabric Design
  • Marketing Challenges and Opportunities under WTO rules
  • Value Added Manufacturing: Problems and Prospects
  • Apparel Manufacturing: The Cutting Edge of Change
  • Spinning: Getting the Basics Right
  • A Matter of Style: Designing for a fashion concious market

Download the Teaching Textiles 2005 wallpaper.

Update: Read the Daily Times article on the Teaching Textiles conference.

Students asked to write the ‘history’ of Pakistan

By Kamran Mohsin

TIP, November 18, the auditorium was full of students (mostly forced in by teachers) to attend a lecture by Mr. Javed Jabbar; a well-known writer, politician and media personality. The subject of the address was “Pakistan’s unique past and unique future.”

He told students that Pakistan is unique among the nations of the world in many respects among the other developed and impoverished countries. These include Pakistan’s creation on the bases of religion, achievement of a separate country on a notice of 10 weeks, difficulties regarding capital and water at that time and other countless issues. This indicates that Pakistan survived in every difficult situation due to unpredictable reasons.
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More Food for the Worry Vault

By Furhan R. Hussain, TMM-1

Brushing the usual aside, TIP seems to be overshadowed, these days, by a cloud of misfortunes. For example, a few days back, the institute’s ‘Tower Point’ bus had an accident near SMCHS that almost killed a number of people including a family of four on a motorcycle (husband, wife, a four-year-old and one-year old kid), as well as the driver of the rickshaw that was hit by the bus after it’s brakes completely failed. The big, bright, yellow markings and text on the coaster made sure that the institute got its due share of publicity. The grapevine has it, that the bus driver had been complaining about the failing brakes since quite some time, but in vain, and was about to resign before an accident took place. On the fateful day of the accident, he was guiding the new driver of the point who was due to take his place.

The same bus, on the same day, almost ran into a petrol tanker on the highway. Had the tanker not run onto the road’s dividing area, letting the bus only scratch it, TIP would have surely lost a fair number of diligent students.
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Catalyst: Ache-a-demits

I woke up and the world outside was dark
All so quiet before the dawn
Opened up the door and walked outside
The ground was cold
I walked until I couldn’t walk anymore
To a place I’d never been
There was something stirring in the air
In front of me, I could see
More than this
So much more than this..

More than this“, Peter Gabriel

For all those who share the same perspective about academics, I welcome you to this segment of frivolous bravado and mindless ballyhoo of the QUACK, known as Catalyst, where I set out to travel the world of TIP with more bravado than common sense, and make a niche for myself amongst many.

Remembering the good old days, going to a College where attendance wasn’t of great importance, work was seldom seen on the pages of our journals and the ease at which one could step out of the gates of the colleges and jump into their cars and buses and head home whenever they wanted too. Well how much of that is still true only we know as we stand within the territory of one of the best textile universities of Pakistan.
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Success… A journey less traveled

The Road to Success An overview of the remarkable book “The Road to Success” by Faiez H. Seyal.

The objective of this book is to explore the true meaning of success to inspire and motivate you to take charge of your life. The writer has discussed in detail the myths and misconceptions about success and has recommended some practical ways to succeed in life. Let’s travel through the book.

The book started by sharing the true personal story of the writer and then it deals with the misconceptions about success. And the later part deals with some feasible ways to succeed in life.
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