Control of creativity in the fashion and home textiles industry

An interesting article comparing handling of intellectual property in the fashion industry with the film and music industry. A must read for the so-called “product developers” and “fashion designers/labels” in Pakistan, and especially useful for merchandisers interested in an alternative view on their product development prowess. Excerpts below:

“… the fashion industry long has accepted that creativity is too large and fugitive an essence to be owned outright as property. Fashion is a massive industry that thrives in a competitive global environment despite minimal legal protections for its creative design….”

“It is precisely because fashion pervades so many aspects of our lives that we fail to appreciate the “social ecology” that supports it – the open sharing, unauthorized innovations, and creative appropriations. To be sure, the fashion industry aggressively protects its brand names and logos, utilizing trademarks and licensing agreements. In most cases, however, the actual creative design of garments is not owned by anyone. The couturier dress worn by a Hollywood starlet on the red carpet can be knocked off immediately and legally appear days later on department store racks.”

For the full article see Control of creativity? Fashion’s secret.

A debate that arises out of this in the local market context is the fight over retaining intellectual property rights over local designs in both fashion apparel and home textiles, where “design houses” often find their designs copied and available in substandard quality and often with the same brand name. Your thoughts are invited.

TIP Street Ball

By Mohsin Ali Sadiq TS2B


Yes, TIP Street-ball happened. The tournament which was supposed to take place last semester came through and finally took place on the eve of 22nd February at about 5:30 and ended at around 8: 30 with a lot of laughter and entertainment for the crowd.



GAME 2: TMM4 (4) – HATO BACHO (3)



GAME 5: TMM4 (4) – SHABI’S THREE (2)-fouled out

FINAL: ROCKERS (11) – TMM4 (4)

I must admit, TIP Street-ball being the first tournament I conducted, had many moments of frustration and sheer anger. I had to alter many mandatory rules, change the format of the tournament and make all sorts of exceptions just to get things going. And although the purpose of this tournament was not completely accomplished, the response I got was well if I said promising I would be pushing it a bit. But in all seriousness, the tournament definitely created awareness that there exists this modified version of basketball called “street-ball’ and its all about having fun.
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Computer Lab Feedback?

On a public invitiation for feedback by the IT Manager, the following email was sent to him on February 22, 2006. Approximately 20 hours later, our hard-working, computer-savvy, email-wizard IT Manager has yet to reply. Quack! readers are invited to add their questions to those in the email below and we’ll update you on any reply.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Abid Omar
Date: Feb 22, 2006 8:41 PM
Subject: Feedback

Dear Mr. IT Manager,

You have put up a notice on the notice-boards asking for feedback and suggestions to the computer lab. As a concerned student, I’m wondering:

  1. Why does Windows invite me on a product tour every time I log in?
  2. Why are “language tools” enabled all the time and using up valuable computing resources?
  3. Why does MS Office require me to enter my name every time I open it? I though computers were smart enough to remember this kind of stuff.
  4. Can’t you put a link to my Z: drive on my desktop? Windows was supposed to make life easier, not harder.
  5. Do you really enjoy it when students come up to the window and say: “Print please, print dijiye,” and you smartly respond by asking where, to be met with the even smarter reply “Two thousand and three, Zero Six Eight Nine, folder Akhaq, subfolder TEXT 176 Textile Science, file Assignment No2.DOC, print pages 3 and seven.” Talk about red-tape.
  6. Why is your internet connection such rubbish?

Kind regards

Abid Omar

Sponser a tree

For the sake of the people, please, please sponser a tree!

Alright, so maybe the situation isn’t as dire as all that, but honestly, once summer officially steps in, every one of us will be looking for the nearest tree in sight and it will be tragic if all the shade is already occupied by twenty heavily sweating people.

Think about it.

This isn’t really an article. It’s a notice, and it’s on Quack with the hope that people will actually read it. People who’ll realize that sometimes things aren’t the management’s responsibility; but rather our own.

So plant a tree. It’ll be your own contribution to a place you’ll spend four years of your life in. A place you’ll laugh in, probably cry in (I already have. Twice.), eat crappy food in, and most importantly, learn about yourself in. Plant a tree. This tree will probably outlive you; it will surely outlive your stay in TIP. It will be something to remind you of who you were when you planted it. It’ll be a milestone, a memory, something you know you can be proud of for the rest of your life. Think of it as a work of charity, as a duty, as a stupid bit of fun, but at least think about it.

It won’t be that big a deal. We’re not asking you to go buy an acacia, sit with it in your lap throughout the two hour ride and then dig a 4×4 foot hole to plant it in. We’ve got all of that covered for you. We’re just asking you to spare the money, and we’ll do the rest.

So what are you thinking about? Go plant a tree!

Coaching Sports at TIP

  1. Are students serious about sports to justify hiring a coach?
  2. Is the administration ready to commit the time and finances required to develop a sports program (or culture)?

The administration is considering hiring a sports coach at TIP. Mr. Ali Hafeez Azmat (Textile Science Faculty and Sports Coordinator) is currently interviewing suitable candidates. He claims that having a coach will provide the necessary discipline and team-spirit in students, as well as inculcating the virtues of patience and perseverance under the guidance of a professional. This coach would be ideally for cricket, football and basketball, and would provide general fitness training including stamina and strength building. He would organize and oversee inter- and intra-university sports.
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Regarding Sports

The overall situation in TIP regarding sports has been kinda blah! Although a lot of commitment has been shown by some individuals and our sports coordinator Ali Hafeez Azmat (Textile Science Faculty and designer of custom golf balls), the sports community in tip is still subject to a lot of criticism.

You may have heard the news that TIP is considering hiring a coach. Getting a coach for sports and fitness is a good start. He maybe able to inspire the sportsman in all of us. I know a lot of students who are good at more than just one sport and are not given due opportunity, may it be prejudice or politics – that’s a different story.

But this initiative will fail if the person appointed is not given the due authority and finances to get things done around here. Being a member of the sporting community, I still don’t understand a few norms we follow. But I’ve got my place in the sport I play so I continue to make efforts for it.

I hope this step will create due awareness about sports required around this place because seriously we have a lot of time to kill around here – more than we would to admit!

And the whining never stops!

By Zash

The second half of the academic year 2005-2006 marks the beginning of change in the Textile Institute of Pakistan. However what is surprising and at times alarming is the fact that these changes are taking place at a very fast pace.

From among many of the modifications that are soon to take place is the impending increased university timings. This was announced by the President TIP, Dr. Zubair Bandukda in the meeting held last Friday and if you are thinking that
it was decided solely by the numero-uno of the TIP then you are surely mistakened. In fact, this was prompted by the incessant complaints launched by some students that they are forced to take consecutive four classes which in turn:

  • Leaves them lethargic and sleepy till the fourth class i.e. they can not concentrate during the class on lectures.
  • And more importantly prohibits them from having lunch by the side of their sweet friends.

The authorities said “Lo and behold!”. The ideal remedy hence suggested was that either the students be given an extra half hour slot for lunch most probably between the 3rd and 4th class resulting the chutti-time to be delayed by another half hour, at 4:30 pm. Or an even BETTER option where the university will remain open for six days i.e. on Saturdays as well.
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