Graduated to ignorance

By Kargas TMM-4

People like Ercelawn, Zaidi and Ahmed come unstuck when they try to persuade the ones with feudal mindset. Be it the heinous practice of Karo Kari or the pros and cons of the infamous KBD, this ill-minded clique sticks to its guns anyways. It is no joke that just after two months; Eqbal Ahmad’s TIP will turn out some graduates who deem Karo Kari a sacred and a holy tradition and defend its observance on Islamic basis. One wonders if it has any truck with Islam. A comrade confused Karo Kari with the Hudood imposed in the holy Book, being ignorant of the fact that those Hudood were to be executed by the State Judiciary in compliance with the law of the land, and not by the subjects of the State on their own.

Similarly an “acclaimed-chauvinist” of TIP had words with Aly Ercelawn as he, allegedly, declared himself a nationalist first and then anything like Muslim. This comment really annoyed the self-styled defender of the land & belief. He blew up at the Professor at full blast right there and then. Afterwards, he emailed Aly and “abused” him on his non-conformist views. It should be noted that this chap attended neither of the held lectures. He would come only in the last five minutes of the Q/A session and feel free to pass judgments on the issue as well as the speaker. When asked by this scribe if he knew either MAF capacity or MW power generation of the much debated KBD, an expressionless face narrated his tall story.

Such ill-literate, brain-washed and know-it-all type graduates are a slap in the face of our civil society.

What Are We?


The philosophy behind the inception of The Book Club is to attract those who love to read and those who don’t, so that both groups could get to know what is unknown to them. This will require active participation on all the members’ part. Here are a few guidelines that will help you stay up-to-date with activities.
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We want Human Sacrifice!

By Mohsin Ali Sadiq, TS2B

Yes, human sacrifice was made on Saturday, 18th March when the TIP basket-ball team went up against Mehran University in the 1st game of the HEC basket-ball tournament and lost by a score of 23 – 06 or to quote an Urdu saying, “bakre ki balli char gayi”.

Friday started with a lot of confusion when our captain Shayan had to drop out of the squad due to a family emergency. The lineup was short of two regular players as it is and with Shayan gone, the team was left with Aasim Ahmed and yours truly. There was a point in the day, when it was decided that the team wouldn’t go as the players hadn’t had enough practice and we didn’t have a complete starting lineup. The players, all packed up to leave for home, suddenly received the breaking news at the end of the day that TIP is required to participate as we had been given the grand honour of the opening game of the tournament and playing before the chief guests.
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22 March – World Water Day 2006: Water and Culture

Water; water everywhere? Think and drink.

women_praying_india.jpg “We plan our cities near water; we bathe in water; we play in water; we work with water. Our economies are built on the strength of water transportation – and the products we buy and sell are all partly water, in one way or another. Our daily lives are built on water, and shaped by it. Without the water that surrounds us – the humidity of the air, the roughness of the river’s current, the flow from the kitchen tap – our lives would be impossible. In recent decades, water has fallen in our esteem. No longer an element to be revered and protected, it is a consumer product that we have shamefully neglected. Eighty percent of our bodies are formed of water, and two thirds of the planet’s surface is covered by water: water is our culture, our life.”

For further information, read World Water Day 2006 and how to get involved.

Basketball at Greenwich University

The TIP Basketball Team played their first basketball game against Greenwich University on Wednesday, March 15 as a practice match for the upcoming HEC tournament. TIP lost 30-50, not bad for their first game against last years HEC zonal champs.

Baskeball at Greenwich University

Pictures of the match are by Schallim Reuben.

In other news, the TIP Basketball Team was to participate in the HEC Inter-University Basketball Match in Jamshoro this Saturday, March 18, 2006. However, this trip has been cancelled.

Update: Our team did participate in Jamshoro! Details soon.