TIP Tree Plantation Campaign – Progress Report I

Ground being cleaned and leveled

Lately, people have been complaining about the Tree Plantation Campaign being a hoax, and that the people behind it are frauds. They say that it has been so many days since they first heard about the campaign, and that many of them even made contributions, but there has not been any progress. I want them to understand that things like these do take time to get done, for lots of initial steps are required before one can carry out the main task. It’s like a pre-requisite course. I’ll try to make it as brief as possible and give you a summary of all that has been done till now.

Fresh soil and manure for areas surrounding the parking lotSignificant amount of work has been done in the past week. Last week, the area around the car parking lot near the amphitheatre was cleaned and leveled. Truckloads of fresh soil have been added to raise the ground level. Lots of manure has also been added to the soil for enrichment. This is what I mean by initial preparations. We can not speed up this process. This is because TIP has taken charge of it, so we can not force the authorities to not take their sweet time and follow our orders. While it may slow down the entire process, this is definitely good news! TIP paying for soil, manure and labor means more money can be spent on procuring better, hardier trees and a larger variety. A lot of people requested fruit trees to be planted, and we’re hoping to obtain a few.

National Youth Convention 2006 – TIP’s success story again

Annual National Youth Convention 2006

April 25, 2006

I am pleased to inform that Nimra Waseem of TMM3 was selected to represent TIP and Sindh at the Annual National Youth Convention 2006 in Islamabad, by qualifying from the Provincial Students Convention 2006 held at University of Sindh Jamshoro earlier this month.

Her topic was Gender Empowerment for Socio-economic Development.

Upon her selection, the convener informed that the trip to Islamabad for the Youth Convention would be around end of May.

On April 17, to our surprise, the U of Sindh convener and HEC informed that the dates for the event were 20-22 April and she was to depart for Islamabad on the 19th afternoon flight. Therefore, in the short span of two days she had to prepare for this prestigious event. With students and concerned faculty both involved in helping her, we managed to share thoughts and ideas all the way up until the departure area of to the airport in the TIP shuttle.

HEC Students Convention 2006She got the opportunity to present her thoughts on the first day. Now, with the results informed simultaneously, she was sad not to have made it between the top two students from her topic.

However, the surprise came the following day, when she was told that she would be joining the position holders from the same category for the opportunity to represent the Youth of Pakistan and share their perspective on the selected subject globally via PTV World and with The President of Pakistan.

We are proud to highlight that TIP students have done it again by managing to represent TIP and Sindh twice in a row, first, Ms. Sana Kamaludin and now, Ms. Nimra Waseem. For their achievement, they received shields and Rs.25000/- each. Sana was also fortunate to receive a signed copy of “Jinnah” by the State Guest of Pakistan of the occasion – Prof. Stanley Wolpert.

It has been a pleasure for me to chaperon these TIP representatives (Sana Kamaludin, Nazish Hafeez, and Bilal Akhtar in 2005 and Nimra Waseem, Farrukh Sham, and M. Raza in 2006), who have had the wonderful opportunity to take part in this prestigious Annual event.

Pictures from the event are available at the HEC Students Convention 2006 Photo Gallery.

Ali Hafeez Azmat
Lecturer Textiles / Sports Coordinator

Texperts Reunion Dinner 2006


The annual Texperts Reunion Dinner has been confirmed for April 29, 2006 at the Muslim Gymkhana (tentative venue, subject to confirmation of attendance). The time is 8:30 pm, and registration is Rs. 1000 for you and one guest. Please confirm your attendance. Continue reading “Texperts Reunion Dinner 2006”

Managing your email inbox

Does your email inbox have hundreds (or thousands) of messages? Are most of these messages still unread? Are you getting too much spam? Do you find it hard to filter through your inbox to get to your more important emails?

Many Texperts on the Textile Institute Alumni Forum mailing list recently had trouble dealing with an increased flow of emails sent on the mailing list. This prompted me to send an email to the list about dealing with their inbox crisis. Continue reading “Managing your email inbox”

Book-based films

As anyone who has seen any version of Anna Karenina knows, a great book does not necessarily make a great film. And while The Godfather was a great movie, was it a great novel? Probably not.

For the Book Club’s reference, the list of the top 50 nominations for film adaptations by The Guardian is below. Now that we have been watching some of these adaptations, what do you think makes for a good adaptation? Which book would you want to watch as a film? Continue reading “Book-based films”