SDC Karachi Conference: Celebrating Perkins

The Society of Dyers and Colourists (Karachi Region) is holding its annual conference, along with the H.E.J Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi, on Sunday, June 4, 2006. Call Dr. Abdul Jabbar on 0300 2252087 for details.

The topic of the conference is “Synthetic dyes, a revolution in the field of coloration” in honor of 150 years of William Henry Perkin’s first synthesis of quninue from aniline which lead to the invention of the first synthetic dye (mauve).

First synthetic dyes by William Henry Perkins

Further information can the found at the Society of Dyers and Colourists website.

Examining frames of reference

Marjorie Husain writes in Daily Dawn’s Gallery (20th May, ’06) about Sumaya Durrani, TIP design faculty artist in residence.

sumaya durrani.jpg Visiting Sumaya Durrani at the Textile Institute of Pakistan, about 40 kms out of Karachi where she is currently artist in residence, was an invigorating experience. Before viewing the work intended for exhibition at the Chawkandi Art, we crossed the campus into the large studio that holds an incredible body of work under process. The canvases that lined the walls, 8x 4 feet, and 8×8 in size still awaited considerable work, but were linked by a sequence of historic portraits and exotic plant life and birds; all described in beautiful colour. ‘Where will you hang these?” I asked, but Sumaya had no answer to that. She calculates it will take perhaps a year to finish the entire work and only then will begin to think about the subsequent process. Visions of the National Contemporary Art Gallery in Islamabad flashed through my mind as that venue is perhaps the only one large enough to hang the work. Leaving the gallery, we made our way to her home studio where her recent work was in the process of drying before being framed. Continue reading “Examining frames of reference”

Mission: TIP Spring Cleaning, Status: Successful!

Picture(99) (Custom).jpgAs per plans, TIP spring cleaning was carried out with great zeal and vigour. A team of about 30 students (mainly freshmen) led by Ms.Shameem Noorani went around the campus picking up trash that others very conviniently litter despite the presence of trashcans everywhere.Picture(100) (Custom).jpg

The reason why the turnout of volunteers was low was because it was the last working day so student attendance was little. Many students had exams so they could not participate either. However, the sad part was that none of the faculty members except one, or any other employee turned up; not even the president, who could have taken out a minute or two to just laud the efforts of people who C.A.R.E. Despite these disappointments, they went out, did what they had to, and plan to do it every year from now onwards.

Spring Cleaning Garbage (Custom).jpgForgetting the disappointing part, one would consider this drive a success. One hopes that next year, all teachers and students who consider cleaning their own litter below their dignity would change their minds and turn up so as to play their part in trying to set an example for the rest!