‘Ten Myths about Ragging’

Yesterday, I came across this article on myths about ragging, written by Shivam Vij, from across the border. It was an interesting read, and I thought I just had to share it since parts of what this article says hold true for Pakistani universities as well. Here’s what this article has to say:

“It is astonishing how the practice of ragging finds so many defenders amongst students, parents, and academics. Too many people concentrate on what are their personal views on the subject, without being aware that ragging is a punishable crime. The law, when you don’t agree with it, is an ass.

When a fresher enters a college hostel, he enters a new, unfamiliar world. Instead of hospitality, he gets hostility. This ranges from fetching seniors’ luggage from the college gate to the hostel room, to brutal sexual abuse that has lead to countless suicides. Yet ragging finds defenders.

1) Mild ragging is okay: Mild ragging, which means asexual ragging, is also objectionable because any form of ragging involves subjugating a fresher. Any kind of domination hurts one’s self-esteem and dignity.

And who defines what amount and kind of ragging is “mild”? The ragger. The ragger is both the law and the lawmaker. Every ragger thinks he has not been harsh, what he did was mild. He likes to think he is not guilty. And the harshest of ragging begins ‘mildly’ with an introduction. It takes fifteen minutes for matters to come to stripping. The ragger is surprised to see how he is able to exercise so much control over someone, and he loses self-control.

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TIP Spring Cleaning – Spring 2006

Madame Shameem Noorani has initiated a Cleanliness drive with the assistance of TIP C.A.R.E and Rotaract Club of TIP. Available faculty will be joining hands within their free slots and do the needful.

Bags and gloves shall be provided.

This is your chance to take ownership of your institute.
Kind regards
Ali Hafeez

Surface Characterisation of Textile Material

TIP SeminarA seminar by Professor Chris Carr, The University of Manchester, on the titled subject is scheduled for Tuesday May 23, 2006 – 5pm to 7pm at Avari Towers Karachi.

It is mandatory for the 4th year Textile science students to attend this programme.

However, the remaining interested students may kindly contact the undersigned for status on seat availability.

Ali Hafeez

HEC-National Digital Library Program

Knowledge @ Your Fingertips

The higher education commission has recently explored the opportunity of facilitating the provision of free online books in addition to the 20,000 journals that have been made available through the Digital Library Program.

The E-books support program will allow researchers to access most of the popular books and international scholarly literature electronically over a varied range of subject areas, providing access to high quality, peer-reviewed journals, databases and articles.

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Surface Characterization of Textile Materials seminar

Professor Chris Carr, of the School of Materials of The University of Manchester, in collaboration with the Textile Institute of Pakistan and the British Council, is holding a seminar on “Surface Characterization of Textile Materials” on Tuesday, May 23. For details, contact the TIP City Campus at 5380467-9.