TIP Tree Plantation Campaign – Progress Report I

Lately, people have been complaining about the Tree Plantation Campaign being a hoax, and that the people behind it are frauds. They say that it has been so many days since they first heard about the campaign, and that many of them even made contributions, but there has not been any progress. I want them to understand that things like these do take time to get done, for lots of initial steps are required before one can carry out the main task. It’s like a pre-requisite course. I’ll try to make it as brief as possible and give you a summary of all that has been done till now.

Significant amount of work has been done in the past week. Last week, the area around the car parking lot near the amphitheatre was cleaned and leveled. Truckloads of fresh soil have been added to raise the ground level. Lots of manure has also been added to the soil for enrichment. This is what I mean by initial preparations. We can not speed up this process. This is because TIP has taken charge of it, so we can not force the authorities to not take their sweet time and follow our orders. While it may slow down the entire process, this is definitely good news! TIP paying for soil, manure and labor means more money can be spent on procuring better, hardier trees and a larger variety. A lot of people requested fruit trees to be planted, and we’re hoping to obtain a few.

I will be posting pictures of the present scenario in a day or two.

Texperts Reunion Dinner 2006 report

It’s never too late to initiate something positive and that’s what it took the TIAF (Textile Institute Alumni Forum) proved when they organized a dinner on the 29th of April 2006 hosted at Muslim Gymkhana, Karachi.

As anticipated, the turnout was reasonably good with about 110 attendies representing every class that has graduated since 1998.

The reunion reaffirmed the need for more such events and gatherings to make this networking more effective as it needs to be. I must say, hats off to Shujaat Alavi for pulling off a great reunion. It felt great to be amongst our mentors, Dr. Zubair Bandukda and Madam Asiah as well as Dr. Hafiz ur Rehman Sheikh, Dr. Pervaiz Abbas and Dr. Abdul Jabbar along with other faculty members.

All in all the evening was great but what should come next is a question that needs to be answered by you. Share your views, comments and suggestions on what you think should be done?

Mind and the world

“Why is it that we and the universe exist? If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason for then we’d know the mind of God” -Stephan Hawking

I am definitely not going to postulate the theory of every thing nor do I am going to describe a part of Homosapien mind. However, what I am interested in is a quest how we can uncover some basic truths of life and unify them for the greater satisfaction of mind and soul.

How do we really know anything? The most astonishing device in this journey of self-discovery is undoubtedly human mind. The evolution of human mind from Adam to the present is the progress we’ve achieved. For better or worse we can say that in simplicity lays a complexity so we can understand whatever in our minds and around us may be by taking thought shower right now.

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