Coverage of Designer’s thesis

I was told to cover the degree show of designers for the DAWN weekly paper, Images, and today my article got published. With the photographs taken by Nida Khan and all the support she put forward by the encouraging words, “You can do it!” I am extremely thankful to her. I have been writing for Young World for almost 7 years now but this is the first time I got an exposure in Images for which I am very glad partly because I somehow made my way to Images and partly because my first article was related to my beloved Institute! I am copy pasting the published write up here.

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How hard is it to write?

Oh yes! I know the answer to this one…… I suffer from a permanent writer’s block … or maybe I’m just not that good enough….

But this isn’t about ‘how hard is it to write’, it’s about ………. ‘how hard is it to write’ ….. as yet another cry from my end. Everybody says “hum likhenge hum likhenge” to ab likhte kyun nahi ho?

First it was like, “falani hourly hai”. Then “dhamaki assignemnt hai”. Aur phir uske baad “…finals…” … I mean really… how hard is it to write a page or two on absolutely anything that interests you?

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