Dengue Virus Alert

By Saad Ashraf, TMM-2

aedes_aegypti_1_c.jpg Just today, a cousin of mine died of Dengue fever. It took him less than a week to succumb after conracting the virus. The sad thing is, there isn’t even a proper vaccine to beat this virus. You can only take a few precautions and try not to get bitten by mosquitoes. Continue reading “Dengue Virus Alert”

Intra-University Debate Competition

Dear all,

Intra-university Debate Competition is planned for the SECOND Wednesday TISF slot after Eid break November 08, 2006.

This event is being held for selection of 6 candidates (3 in english and 3 in urdu) for the Provincial and National level “Allama Iqbal Shield” Debate competition, as required by the Higher Education Commission.

Students are required to confirm their interest to participate by MONDAY 6, 2006 by 3pm in writing to Mr. Yahya Ghazali.

The topics will be selected and posted by WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 01, 2006 by the linguistics faculty and Debate Society at TIP. 3 minute parliamentarian style debate format is applicable. The debate rules will be available with Mr. Yahya Ghazali, event coordinator.

Eid ul Fitr Mubarak

Dear all,

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Eid Mubarak! 

May the month of Ramadan have cleansed your spirits and prepared you for an exciting future as prayed by the Prophet Muhammad (Salallah o Allahe Wassallum).

Have a lovely day! Take care.

Ali Hafeez and family

Hostel Super Seven Cricket Tournament

The above tournament was organized by the hostel sports committee managed by Adeel Sardar in collaboration with TISF sports. There were total four teams one from each year.

The air and excitement was mounting starting from the very first ball. In the first round there where upsets when Loosees(first year) defeated Dashkrays (fourth year) while Shashka party (third year) out-performed D (second year). Continue reading “Hostel Super Seven Cricket Tournament”

TIP ranked number 8

According to the HEC ranking list of universities in Pakistan, the Textile Institute of Pakistan is ranked at number 8 out of some 56 universities. Not bad at all.

Though, some of the facts are hard to digest. For example, TIP is ranked number one in terms of facilities, higher than even the Aga Khan University which is slightly lower at number two. To further elaborate, when one looks in to the details, the student to computer ratio is claimed to be 1:1. Another is the ratio of Ph.D faculty, where we get the maximum score.

These discrepancies reflect on the value of the HEC rankings.

Update: A complete spreadsheet of the rankings is available online.