In the Finals…again (HEC Interuniversity ‘H’ Zone – Volleyball)

Dear all,

Just wanted to share the phone call I got from Greenwich University…

Its like Deja Vu. 

The last time when we participated and got qualified for Zone finals was – the first time ever we were invited to participate in HEC Inter-University Sports Games in 2003-04.  There were only three teams from our zone who had agreed to participate, therefore, the matches were held on League format – Karachi University (the host), Urdu Federal University, and Textile Institute of Pakistan.  As expected, we lost to the Defending Champions of Sindh (Karachi University), but not before telling them that TIP had arrived to the HEC organized sporting arena.

The next game scheduled was with Urdu Federal University.  Since they failed to show-up at the sport we got a walk-over i.e. without a single serve being played… Thus we had “qualified” for Islamabad as the second team from our zone.  Now, being entrants without match practice, coach, game kits, timing of the events at Islamabad and shortage of adequate funds, it was concluded to conserve our energies on events within TIP and  restrict participation till localized inter-university events only. Thus, we skipped from participating at Islamabad. 

We are back in a similar position, but this time, after playing and winning both the league games.  Finals are on Friday 3pm at the Greenwich University against Mehran University.

If the team is willing to play the finals, will you come and support?


Texperts speak!

as far as the nozel dia is concerned and fabric bulkyness is concerned …jet nozzel will cause porblem when we we will use the wider width fabric on nerrwo nozzel but we do have porblem with nerrow width fabric too…. so the nozzel is not bottel neck…. here the if the wider width is porcessed on nerrow nozzel then the main probelmm would be dye streaks and porcessing creases not the shade variation problem.

That little titbit is from our Alumni Mailing List where they often discuss various processing issues such as the naunces of dyeing and spinning.

The reason why this is here, above, is for you to figure the following factors:

  1. Process being discussed,
  2. Type of machine being discussed,
  3. The language,
  4. and the speaker/writer! who happens to be a ‘regular’ at Quack

And for you efforts, you shall win a free gift from the Quack! team.

11 players, a fish and a million pucks

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