Happy New Year 2007 and Eid Mubarak

Asalaam o alaikum (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon you)

Wow! What a wonderful year 2006 … and now what a way to start the new one…Happy New Year 2007 and Eid Mubarak!

Lets pray for forgiveness,
Lets pray for success and betterment,
Lets pray for Love and Harmony,
Lets pray for each other and ourselves

Patience and Tolerance and Cooperation leads to better families … oh yeah! don’t forget the prayers for more money…we all want more of everything…

Take care and Enjoy!

Ali Hafeez Azmat

TISF shoulders its way to another successful event

Another event done with, the responsible members of the TISF can breathe a partial sigh of relief. If only the people at TIP were a bit more civilized a lot less food would have gone to waste and some of us would have felt that we are amongst a group of civil people in spite of being in the jungle.

The people aren’t the only ones to blame though. What can one expect out of them if the last meal they had was lunch and then the cafeteria was closed from service till dinner at quarter past 10. Speaking of closed, for those who wanted to get some work done and skip the jumping around to loud music and howling sessions, the library and computer labs were, “surprise!” Locked shut at four.

Unfortunately for those who had thought of utilizing some of their time on campus to get work done, the barbecued chicken wasn’t the only thing cooking. From fiction to assumptions to recordings, from the new kids to those who were once students themselves, everyone’s known to be contributing. Here’s a suggestion that might leave some more time for the management to think constructively.

“Trim the bushes before such events and assign a guard with every student to try and ensure that students don’t study where they aren’t supposed to.”

Hostel surprise bonfire!

The TIP hostilities celebrated a surprise bonfire on the night of 7th December, 2006. It was a very well organized event with back to back movies projected on the hostel wall just below the window of room 128 and music from the newly purchased sound system that rocked the dorms till 2 in the morning with tea and soup for all. For the final year science students it was an even sweeter treat after they had spend the previous night studying for a mid-term exam.

I once again congratulate the hostilities for organizing a wonderful event. For those who missed out on the surprise as they were away to view the thesis at INDUS or some other work or leisure related activities, I’m sure the hostilities will try fuel more such events with the hostel fund in the near future.


The most unfortunate thing happened for one of TIP’s students, Rachna, AMM-4. Her mother passed away after a tragic accident.

Dear Rachna, what we feel is hard to put into words. Please accept our heartfelt condolences from all the members of the Quack team and from the TIP community. Our love and support is always here for you.