Bitch Bitch Bitch……….!

Yes that’s what we all like to do….. But seriously, it’s the best way to vent out ones frustration… And since it’s that time of the month… so ‘whatever’ to anybody who has an issue.

So who knows the Big B? I mean who really knows the Big B? No damn it… I’m not talking about Amitabh Bachchan…. eweeeee no way; I’m talking about TIPs very own Big B. Well do you really want to get to know him? Fix a date with him and you’ll find out!

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Tour de` hostel

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

Its 7:00 in the morning. The sun is sodsc00549.JPG wonderful that anyone can predict of having a great day. Everyone in hostel is preparing to run off. Where? Destination is unknown. We were just told by hostel representatives to be ready for an enlightened and extended drive.

Just after a quick breakfast and having loaded with ourdsc00436.JPG drinks and Korma for lunch we finally departed. It was almost shocking for few of us to ride a coaster without a cassette player. Do you believe that? In this severe circumstance the cell phones were of great help and best utilized.

Time there and left for `hala`.We reached `bhit shah` in three hours with only one tea break at hand. This is a tomb of great and most famous Sindhi poet and Sufi Shah Abduldsc00470.JPG Latif Bhitai. We spent some another historical and Spiritual town of Sindh. This town is also famous through the subcontinent in Art, Pottery, wood works, Cloth printing, Woven cloth in various beautiful designs. We did some shopping and admired the market.

Had our lunch at road side café because we would have died On our way back to Kheenjher Lake also known as Kalridsc00566.JPG the next movement. The moment we reached at lake we were completely exhausted. However we were received by a downpour and now i can see a fressness on evrybody’s face. The whether became so pleasant that we were lost. It was followed by boating, still raining.

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Thieves steal an artist’s research

KARACHI, Feb 13: The theft of cell phones, vehicles and money has become a routine affair in the city, but this is the first time an artist has been deprived of her models and some paintings, besides old identity cards and research papers.

An artist in residence of the Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP) has registered a case with with the Bin Qasim police station about the theft.

Artist and art teacher Sumaya Durrani said she was invitedsumaiya-crop.jpg by the TIP to conduct research and teach art to students. She was given a townhouse by the TIP to conduct her research. She was engaged in both tasks for over a year.

She prepared the synopsis for her PhD, which she was in the process of submitting to the University of Karachi for registration as a doctorate fellow.

“Our family was out on January 13 when someone stole my artwork, paintings, research about art education, graphs, especially the models of jewellery, which serve as prototypes made of base metal, to see how the jewellery will actually look,” she told Dawn.—Staff Reporter


Psuedo evil geniuses at work

How about…. Umm… Ok this really ultra genius friend of ours keeps messaging people stuff making really really nice jokes about our friends…!” – Rida, TMM1

So that’s for our sad long story. We still don’t have anything to write so we pester freshmen to contribute. Unfortunately or fortunately they are quite the evil geniuses themselves and come up with extremely creative ways to avoid writing for Quack!

And so shameless they are. This one keeps standing right here, interested, intrigued and curious about whats happening, happily giggling away in the bubbly mode she always acquires as I continue to type my saga of nothing much.

So we promptly ask her to join our team telling her that Quack! is all about you and us and the wider world and she soon tries to slip away by saying.

“Ummm… when does the third class start? 11:50 na?”

Don’t you worry, it’s 11 25 and you have ample time at hand. Poor Rida, can’t walk away or do anything about what’s happening with her. Anyhow, We’re running of space. Seems like Rida’s prophecy has come true. She has been spared because we’ve run out of space. But beware…

There’s always a fresh page

Silk Route moot concludes


KARACHI, Feb 11: The two-day New Silk Route Conference on Design (education and research) concluded on Sunday.

The conference was organized by the British Council vis-à-vis its two-year New Silk Route project involving expertise from the UK to promote creativity and design in countries of the Central and South Asia region, including Bangladesh, Iran, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

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The Enduring Argument


Bravo for your insightful “God Vs. Science” debate between Richard Dawkins and Francis Collins [Jan. 15]. The discussion is not only important to Christians but to humans of other faiths as well. How can you compare God with science, which is merely a way of analyzing material things? Darwin’s theory of evolution doesn’t contradict the existence of a Supreme Being, since time and space have no relevance to God—our billion years could be a single moment to him. I disagree with Dawkins’ assertion that science doesn’t deal with metaphysics. Science is not in competition with God but is one way to approach him. That is apparently the experience of Collins, whose faith rests on reason. We require both religion and science to reach beyond ourselves.
Kamran Mohsin
Multan, Pakistan