Poster Display Sucessful

The poster competition held on March 29, 2007, was successful in terms of the fact that that a display was arranged and every student from TS4, TMM4 and AMM4 managed to put up work. Since this was the first time something of its kind was organized there were of course glitches in the posters and well as the organization of the display. But the overall impact of the exercise was very positive.

Such displays are good for academics as well as people from the industry. They lead to a positive exchange of ideas as students get to display their work while the industry gets to choose professionals based on their evaluation of students’ knowledge and research.
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Poll: Does Quack! really suck?

We’ve polled this one countless times, mostly informally, and the answer is always the same, “could be better.”

This time, 53% of the respondents thought that Quack could be better, 23% think it is the “Best. Thing. Ever” (don’t know what they’re smoking), and 23% saw a butterfly (definitely don’t know what they’re smoking).

From which we can reasonably conclude that 46% of those polled are smoking some strong stuff.

Does Quack! really suck?

Best. Thing. Ever. 23% of all votes
Could be better… 53% of all votes
Ooh look! A butterfly! 23% of all votes

Total Votes: 43 Started: February 1, 2007

Nevertheless, the majority (23 of 43 respondents) thinks that Quack! could be better, and we must respect the majority’s opinion. Which leads us to, just what is their opinion? Please leave your thoughts on just how Quack! could be better (and what you will do to make it better) in the comments below.

Irony Galore


Featured is a shot of the back of a local rickshaw, captured by a friend, Faheem Zafar, while he was driving. It reads:

“Banda apni zabaan aur harkat say pehchana jata hai kay harami ya halaali!”

“Horn ziada na bujaa, na side maar, Pagal kay bachhay!”

The English translation of the above lowers intensity, but gives a fair idea:

“A person’s birth legitimacy or illegitimacy can be judged by their tongue (the way they speak)!”

“Don’t honk the horn too much, or hit the vehicle’s side, you son of the deranged!”

Segregated Weddings and… Lunch Rooms???

Coming from a community in which every gathering is segregated, one might find it surprising that I personally dislike the whole idea of ‘segregation’. There might be some who would see this as a psychological rebound… you know the kind that happens with children… tell them not to do somethings and the little buggers still do it! But honestly, how will one be able to find a suitable mate otherwise?

And being the spoilt brat that I am, I eventually do find myself in the ‘forbidden territory’ on any segregated wedding. And to tell you the truth, it’s quite an experience. Pretty clothes, pretty colors, pretty girls, a bride who’s almost about to wet her pants… oh i mean her gharara! Have I ever told you that the sound of girls laughing is a major turn on for me?dsc00188-large.JPG

Anyway, that’s besides the point. So what’s up with converting the bottom half of the students centre into a faculty and staff lunch room? Segregating the dining area I say? And the purpose of this ‘discriminatory’ act may I ask?

Okay… now I’m not being harsh over here with the term I have used – discriminatory. I honestly do find it quite alienating. Do we students eat our food in a manner distinct from the faculty and staff? Are we any less human than them? They had been dining amidst us ever since so why the sudden change of attitude? What… we make too much noise??? Oh puh-lease! As if you all eat your food silently…! So what is it you talk about – who’s getting a 4.0 GPA, who MUST get a 4.0, and who’s the best at the art of seducing ………. oh I meant being polite!

Alright… fine… that’s obviously quite a lot to be discussed and that too not in front of the students… so there you go… ‘I grant you a private dining area’. But ……………….. what is up with the blinds??? Itni zyada privacy… hawe haye!!! I mean….. how different is your mode of eating that you do not even wish to be seen while dining…? Not even the library lovebirds on the upper floor get that much of it! So why the extra expense on making the ‘segregation’ more obvious and unpleasant?

I mean… I feel that there’s a lot more that can be catered to instead of an exclusive dining area… like for instance … how about improving on-campus security so that whatever happened with Sumiya Durrani doesn’t happen with anyone else again…! By the way… what’s this i hear… Hiras’ cellphone had been stolen again…? For the third time…? Oh well………. have a nice lunch…!

Corrupt Pakistan

I am mortified being a Pakistani, and you must be too, at least after the most disastrous and humiliating performance that Pakistani players displayed in their second world cup match against the stimulating Irish team thus upsetting the whole course of Pakistan’s cricketing history. The question is who is to be blamed, the Pakistani board of directors, the coach, the selection committee or the players themselves. Would blaming anyone could rectify the system? Has blaming ever been the part of a solution? Is this not the high time to think of revitalization? Has the right time come for accountability? Will this corruption prevail? There are ample questions that need answers. Continue reading “Corrupt Pakistan”

TIP News Alerts: LUMS Olympiad 2007

LUMS Olympiad 2007 kicks off four days of events, Daily Times – Lahore, Pakistan
The first LUMS Olympiad 2007 kicked off on Thursday. The four-day event will feature several competitions, including debates, performing arts, photography, music, computer gaming, a quiz and various social events. …

Click, double click and action!, Daily Times – Lahore, Pakistan
Music video-making and, photography competitions, plays, quiz competitions, computer gaming and the second round of the debating competition were the order of the day on the second day of LUMS Olympiad 2007.

Olympiad goes on, DAWN
The four-day Olympiad that began on Thursday is being jointly organised by the Debates and Recitation Society (DRUMS and LUMS Media Arts Society (LMA) in collaboration with Dramaline, Music Society, LUMS Computer Gaming Society and Arts Society.

‘One if by art, two if by music…’, Daily Times – Lahore, Pakistan
The Textile Institute of Pakistan performed Gardish and Mitti and students of LGS Ghalib Market campus performed Fields of Gold and Killing Me Softly. …

Let’s get it on!, Daily Times – Lahore, Pakistan
The Textile Institute of Pakistan, Islamabad performed a musical comedy, 70s Ka Hit Formula. The play attempted to explain the secret behind the success of movies and songs from the 1970s. …

2-yr design project starts for local talent, Daily Times – Lahore, Pakistan
A two-year project to promote local designers across the region was launched Saturday with a conference on ‘The New Silk Route: Design Education and Research’ … The conference will be followed by a five-day workshop on ‘Sustaining Identity and Heritage Through Design’ by the Textile Institute of Pakistan.

TIP graduate given Eqbal Ahmad award Daily Times – Lahore, Pakistan
KARACHI: Recent graduate of the Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP), Unaiza Raza, was presented this year’s Eqbal Ahmad award during TIP’s 7th convocation …

LETTER FROM LONDON: Embarrassment of dishes — Irfan Husain, Daily Times – Lahore, Pakistan
… and gave a wonderful talk about Pakistani art to design students at the Textile Institute of Pakistan. …