Keachar Feature: Pinky Pinky on my little pinkies…

Sajna hai mujhe … Sajna ke liye

Pinky Pinky on my little pinkies… and also on the other ones!

And before I’m bashed with language and content ratings for a third time, let me clarify that the ‘little pinkies’ are the endmost fingers on our hands and not something else – or at least that’s what I call them…! Anyway… it’s not the pink on the pinkie which is important, rather it’s how the pink got onto the pinkie which is of more interest.

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Idhar udhar ki baatein

I’ve been told to come up with an article after every two weeks. It’s been twenty days and my previous article is STILL on the main home page of the Quack online newsletter…thus I have come to conclude that nobody writes at all and Quack has quacked at last. So why don’t people write? Maybe they have nothing to write about (though to tell the truth, neither do I), maybe they have other things to do (though playing table tennis and cards all day don’t really qualify) or maybe they’re just plain lazy. Whatever the answer, the fact remains that Quack needs more contributors, and the laws of probability state that out of the 120 or so newcomers this year at least one should be able to write something. So oh new writer, where the hell are you?

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The Art of Avoiding Responsibility

When’s the magazine coming?

How’s the work going with the magazine?

Isn’t the magazine suppose to be out by now?

It’s interesting to note that many people who ask me this question never read the magazine except maybe to browse or gawk at the picture of their seniors when they were in their freshmen or sophomore year.

Yaar humaray seniors kitnay sukhay hain? Kuch bhi nahi kartay?

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Poll: I wet my pants

The results are in! The scariest thing about TIP is the hostel! 58% of TIP students wet their pants when think about staying in the hostel! 24% are terrified by the bus ride, though more of these (54%) dread going to TIP than coming back home (46%). We feel that the 13% who dread the morning bus ride actually fear that the tower or the “TIP windmill” will fall on their heads.

But, let these results not scare you from TIP! It’s not as bad as it often sounds, it just happens that little positive gets reported.

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Quacking at the Knees

Did you know that within the TIP administration and faculty there exists a committee who’s listed tasks include the ominous sounding task “Quack.” This could possibly mean that they are finally considering to bring back the ducks to our campus, or even re-acknowledging the TIP duck mascot.

Or it could mean that the TIP administration and faculty are taking a larger interest in this fine independent student newspaper. The Quack team has always extended an open invitation to them (the administration and faculty, hereby referred to as ad-fact) to be more involved in this worthy endevor. Our suggestions included:

  1. contribute their own news and views
  2. encourage their students to write for Quack, maybe as part of the English lessons
  3. report on industry news and insights
  4. talk about TIP events and activities
  5. list new additions to the library

Though sometimes we did have some wholehearted contributions, they fell short in their frequency by rarely being more than once a year. Here’s to hoping that the new “tasks committee” will have an honorable approach.

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Look what I’ve brought to school today

Can anyone guess what I have in my bag? Hann hann, can dsc00115-large.JPG you?

No it’s not a spider man action figure.

It’s not a doll either!

It’s a TURTLE!

And look I’m going to place it right here on the table so that it can excrete watery liquid all over it to add to the existing filth!

And all this while we’ve been blaming the cafeteria for poor hygiene standards!

Happy eating. And I’m not going to tell you which table it was!