Degree Show ’07

You’re all invited to attend the Textile Institute of Pakistan Degree Show ’07. It features theses displays by the graduating class of 2007, BSc. (Hons) Textile Design Technology. The show is being held at TIP Main Campus (Bin Qasim Campus), 9am – 4pm daily (except weekends), from 23rd May till 31st May 2007.

Students displaying their work include Mahwish, Javeria, Kiran, Sidra, Arsalan, Saima, Fakeha, Wafa, Zain, Mehak, Hina, Umair, Yousuf, Manorama, Naila, Komal, Mariam, Saqib, Rabeela and Farheen.


An Open Letter to Mohammad Saiq Lakhani

Recently, Saiq saab wrote a comment making various invalid claims on my article ‘Attempted Mass murder at TIP’. As I sat down to type a reply I concluded that it needed a proper article in reply rather then a comment.

Saiq, I will thank you if in future you realize while writing that other peoples’ time is also precious as it is extremely annoying to correct your English and typing mistakes! Which I have been kind enough to sift through so atleast my readers don’t have to go through the same torment twice.

Anyway, here’s what I have to say about your claims.
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Yeh kya ho raha hai?

8:55 am. The bus is just on time for the not so anxious students to be able to catch their classes in the first period. With only five minutes to spare, it would have been a wise idea to splash away the mandatory sleep residue gifted by the tiresome bus ride off one’s face.

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Attempted Mass Murder at TIP: The Aftermath

Writing my previous article I thought, I will rest after finding out whose idea was ‘Annual Day’, but it seems like more unrest awaits me.

The ‘Annual day’ in itself would not have been a bad idea, had it been executed properly with some thought and proper planning. New ideas are always welcome; it’s a breakaway from the monotony we get ourselves into. So is the case with ‘Annual Day’, but it’s also true that if you are unable to sell your idea to people then no matter how much good was intended, it will be rated as a “Flop”. It was up to TISF to introduce, promote and force it down people’s throat, because that is how the ideas are ever accepted if they are good enough. You have to hammer it in to people’s mind.

So did TISF introduce the ‘Annual Day’ to the student body? I have been told that the third year was supposed to take charge of the event and class representatives were informed of the event. Does it sound like selling a new idea? Merely informing? Did TISF not know whose reputation would be at stake if this event flopped?? Not the third years but TISF.
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Security Appeal: Girls found entering the boys’ hostel!

Hours after the hostel’s annual dinner, a bunch of five panic stricken girls entered the boys hostel. Chilled to the bone, with their legs trembling with the fear of getting caught and dressed in rather comfortable looking night suits, they looked more attractive than ever. All thanks to the security provided by TIP!

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Eqbal Ahmad update

The annual Eqbal Ahmad Memorial Lecture will be held at 05:30 p.m., May 18, at the Aga Khan University Auditorium. The lecture is organized by the Eqbal Ahmad Foundation and the Textile Institute of Pakistan. Jamia Milli Islamia, New Delhi VC, Prof. Mushirul Hasan, will speak on ‘Tolerance, Interfaith Dialogue and living plurally in South Asia.

Note: Due to security concerns the Eqbal Ahmad Memorial Lecture has been cancelled.    

Keachar Feature III – I Like To Capitalize My Ds

Back from the toilet. Excuse me… but I have weak digestion, especially when it comes to heavy food!

And if there are some of you who thought that was alright, well then I’ve got more lined up. No it’s not Frizy Prizy’s afternoon menu. I mean… I Do have a life! It’s TS2-D!’s natural affinity for Drag. I mean… I really Do have a life!

Okay so guys cross-Dressing and then pretending to be supermodels were probably still remotely acceptable. But these D! people really crossed the line this time with extramarital affairs. Or should I say it’s their sub-conscience silently whispering homosexual D!esires into their ears. How D!emented is that! Oh wait. I forgot. They’re from TS2-D! These D!esires are inherent! So; what was the play called. Desperate Housewives? Continue reading “Keachar Feature III – I Like To Capitalize My Ds”