We, with the co-operation of TISF are organizing an event named “TIP MUSHAIRA” after EID. In order to make the event successful, we need the active participation from all the students. Any student who does poetry or is interested in poetry and wants to participate in the event can contact:

Saqib, TS4A

Rameez Ahmed Khan, TS2B

Some remedies for the new rules

Rule: Did you know the new TIP student’s handbook says that you cannot use your iron in your hostel room without prior written permission from the warden?
Workaround: Make a point of asking everytime you see the warden. Even if you are not going to use it, just ask, just in case you do use it. Send an email to him, and CC it to a few of the faculty members too. Send an email every day, ask all the time, ask the guards to ask him. Ask him in writing, ask him over the phone, ask him now and always, for you never know, when you need to iron. Continue reading “Some remedies for the new rules”


The following article was originally posted as a comment on the entry “Utter Humiliation,” by Ali Kazmi.

There are certain things which the student body is not aware of. A search of the alumni group will reveal posted invitations to various events, carnivals, degree shows, annual dinners and what not. Invitations have been sent out since 2005, it’s just that people are oblivious to existing facts. Continue reading “Symbiosis”

Music lessons

The Music Society is looking forward to launch a music teaching program after Ramadan focusing on the three basic instruments (Guitars, Drums and keyboard). The lessons will be delivered through weekly sessions in the available free classes.

Music Teachers

Guitars: Waqas Khalid
Waqas Aman
Aehsan Zia

Drums: Baber

Keyboards: Sarim

NOTE: All the students who are interested are supposed to get themselves Registered. The Registration forms are available at the photocopy shop.

Break a leg!!!!

A Point To Ponder Upon

At TIP, we go through a variety of courses, ranging from typical science courses to advance courses like Fiber Processing and Organizational Behavior. Students have shown a great interest in subjects related to presentation and management skills while subjects like Chemistry, Statistics, Physics and purely technical subjects have failed to grab the interests of students. In my focus of debate are two subjects, Pakistan Studies and Religion, which are perhaps the strongest victims of students ignorance. Continue reading “A Point To Ponder Upon”

Supremacy Of Attitude For Novice

Attitude perhaps is the most commonly used or abused terminology in todayØŒs business world. If you walk into a bookstore, you will find shelves filled with volumes written on power of positive thinking in the workplace, impact of positive attitude in personal or professional life, and how our attitude navigates us though success or failure?

Unfortunately, with so much information out there on how to develop a positive attitude, very little consideration is ever given to it. Attitude is taken merely as a nice word which most people use thoughtlessly in their every day vocabulary. Continue reading “Supremacy Of Attitude For Novice”