And it infects another one!

This is to inform you that Fareed Arif, TS 2007, has been struck by dengue and I’ve been told it’s serious. He is under treatment at Liaqat National Hospital, battling with this fatal disease, and in urgent need of blood, with chances of recovery if you donate some of yours.

To do so, please go to Hussaini Blood Bank near Numaish, Mazar e Qaaid and give your blood under the account name of ‘Fareed Arif’.

For further information, you may contact Muzammil aka Moose at 0333 3551053 or Waqas Saleem at 0345 3049108.

Keachar Feature IV – Industrial Sludge Makes Keachar Couture

Ahhh it feels good to be back after D!’s D!sgraceful D!ownfall and a prolonged voluntary sabbatical!

A job hunt can sometimes be quite a dirty experience. Who might have ever though that even the oooh so sacred textile and fashion industry is full of gossip-able idiots as well! It just doesn’t stop getting better does it?

The first handful of them came along right after I graduated back in June. I was called in for an interview at the well-renowned [Ed: Company name removed]. Now for those of you who don’t know this, a designer whenever called for an interview is supposed to take along with him or herself one’s portfolio. Of course if you’re a guy it is a must because that’s the only way the saiths of our textile industry would actually consider hiring you! For the women, the criteria differ. I being smart and tech-savvy, I took visuals of my work in a flash drive rather than carrying the entire pile of workload that weighed more than a dead cow. Continue reading “Keachar Feature IV – Industrial Sludge Makes Keachar Couture”

What has become of the much ballyhooed ‘Textile Vision 2005’ policy?

Pious announcements by the government are not enough; they have to be followed by timely action commensurate with the scale of the problem.

By Kaleem Omar

Pakistan’s history is replete with examples of policies that were announced by the government of the day and then came to naught. This sorry state of affairs has sometimes been witnessed even in the case of policies that were meant to deal with such key economic sectors as textiles, the backbone of the country’s economy and its biggest export earner. Continue reading “What has become of the much
ballyhooed ‘Textile Vision 2005’ policy?”

Class Pictures Schedule

Another announcement from your friendly Publications Committee.
The Class Pictures will be taken as per the given schedule.

Monday, 22nd October 2007:
AMM1 @ 1350
TMM1 @ 1415
TDT1 @ 1450

Wednesday, 24th October 2007:
TS1 @ 1440
AMM2 @ 1500
TMM2 @ 1520
TS2 @ 1530

Please Be Prompt and advise your class mates to be there, these pictures will not be taken again once the deadline is gone.

You’ll Look Back On Those Days When You’re Old

Hear Ye, Here Ye Cretins…

For those of you who have graduated recently here’s some more salt to your wounds…

Effective 10th November Comments and Cartoons of the Graduating Class 2007 will not be entertained.

Shocked? Don’t be, you didn’t submit anything to the magazine so i really won’t bother going into the specifics! Now nobody will know that you graduated this year except your Mom and Dad and maybe a brother or sister if you’re close to them….

The following Graduated Classes have NOT sent me their Comments and Cartoons, so no dice for you…

– Apparel Marketing and Manufacturing (AMM)
– Textile Marketing and Management (TMM)

So Last Call to Board the Train or Be Left Behind, No Second Call for Losers; Have too many Passengers on the Train anyhow!

May the Force be with you…. suckers! 😛
Ali Cat is Biting Back At Ya!

TIP will remain closed on Thursday, 18 October 2007

Dear All,

This is to inform you that in view of the arising situation in the city due to the arrival of Benazir Bhutto, it has been decided that TIP will remain closed on Thursday, 18 October 2007. However, Thursday’s make-up classes will be held on Saturday, 20 October 2007.

Best wishes,
Umair Saeed