Think about why you are running…

Rahim Jindani, TS2

Today when I woke up and started studying for my hourlies I was still feeling my self too tired and this thought came to my mind what if I don’t study it; in simple words don’t revise all the stuff. Why am i sacrificing my nights and giving my self so much of pain when i have to end up the same way as a 2.2 GPA person would end in his professional life although I wont have to make too much efforts to climb the leader of success after wards but still we both would be the same.

I thought of some of my fellow companions and people around and came across that in reality it doesn’t matter what GPA you get its your work and your creativity in some fields that makes you succeed Continue reading “Think about why you are running…”

What Is The Story Of Your Life?

Success is a choice – and so is failure. In either case a story is written. Over a period of time this story is shared. Some stories go into history books, some to educational books, some to Hollywood/Bollywood (as true stories) but many pass by unnoticed. Does this mean they don’t have a story? They do! But in most cases it is not an original. It is a replica of many routine lives. Think about it. What is your story?

Everyday that passes by is a page in your story. You could either write this page at the beginning of the day or at the end. Choice is purely yours. Only difference is that at the beginning of the day you choose success – at the end of the day the page is given to you for reading, not writing! Continue reading “What Is The Story Of Your Life?”

Thoughts to ponD!er upon

By Ahsan Aqil

For years I just kept on reading these posts on quack and observed a lot of things and replied to quite a few posts but the reason I am writing this article is that recently I went to a friend of mine and showed him this quack! He was taken aback by the kind of attitude my uni mates had. His words somehow have inspired me to write this article that progress is only possible through mutual understanding and cooperation and that is what we lack, we including me keep on criticizing instead of being optimistic about things. Continue reading “Thoughts to ponD!er upon”

Romeo meets Heer at TIP (FINALLY)!

“ Hey, does anyone know how to tie a paraandah!”

“Yaar, where are my shoes?”

“ Hurry up, loser! Kya pura din lu ge just to press ur clothes, there r like ten people waiting for the iron!!!”

“Yaar jaldi karo, everyone is waiting outside, it’s too late now. Chaar ghantu se tum taiyar he hu rahi hu!”

Continue reading “Romeo meets Heer at TIP (FINALLY)!”

In their face.

By Waqas Khalid – TS3

Just before starting off with this topic I must remind you people that TIP came 2nd at a drama competition held at CBM. There were many other universities participating but since I am not really good at remembering things, I only remember names such as CBM, TIP, SZABIST, Karachi University, FAST and Indus Valley SAA. The drama TIP performed was “AGE OF EMPIRE”; hah, yes, the one they performed on the recent freshmen gala. Wait a minute, I guess my memory is actually coming back this time. This was the same drama which got very negative criticism from some people at TIP who call the institute’s crowd semi-civilized. Comments were everywhere by these small bunches of people that the drama was not even worth watching plus it had dialogues which according to them were sick. They even had to cover their ears at times. I guess the semi-civilized can finally speak out that what they did wasn’t that bad, infact Continue reading “In their face.”

East Meets West-CARNIVAL 2007

While our country faces an emergency rule, TIP students celebrates what?-A Carnival! Amidst of all the tough political scenario, the glittering and smiling young faces of TIPIANS at the carnival reminds me of our potential and strength to grow and beat the world in education, science and creativity. Before I start drifting away from the topic, it will be better to talk about the event – CARNIVAL 2007.

I have completed my one year at TIP and it is the very first time that I honestly enjoyed any event. It looks like TISF has now truly emerged as an independent students forum which is only and only for the students. The theme was superb-western cowboys with their typical looks or get ups and girls in their traditional desi attires! It all seems to me a nice blend of east and west. Infact, our Pakistani society is a blend of eastern and western cultures. The whole setup including the stalls and stage was superb and the real smell of cowboys was floating everywhere. On the other hand, the local desi girls with their colorful dresses takes all of us back to our old traditions and remind us that we too have a culture which is not so bad or unattractive. Continue reading “East Meets West-CARNIVAL 2007”

From self exile to self oblivion, we’re a nation of Ostriches!

Being my usual selfish self I am, with my apathetic attitude, yet again living in voluntary oblivion. The problem isn’t what I can do. It is the worth of it all. Perhaps I don’t understand how this works, but shouting slogans or discussing the matter over lunch isn’t the solution.
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