Pakistan’s Universities – Problems and Solutions (Part 1)

Reprinted below in full, Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy on problems and solutions for universities in Pakistan, from DAWN January 02, 2008. This is the first part of a series of reprints on research and education in Pakistan.


Sham university reforms

By Pervez Hoodbhoy

GEN Pervez Musharraf’s regime boasts of its successes in science and education at home and abroad. Recently I saw Pakistan’s successes trumpeted by a large official delegation headed by Dr Atta-ur-Rahman, chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), at a conference in Trieste, Italy.

They came to address a special session on science development in Pakistan — the only country that had requested and paid for such special treatment at the conference. Those who did not know about the state of science in Pakistan were amazed by the claims made. Those who knew better were stunned by the flood of self-serving lies, half-truths and deceit. Continue reading “Pakistan’s Universities – Problems and Solutions (Part 1)”

Attitude Problem

We all have attitude, we all react in different ways in different situations, and we all give preferences to certain things over others. According to Oxford dictionary, attitude means a way of feeling, thinking or behaving in certain circumstances. Attitude can also be defined in terms of physiology, Attitude is a hypothetical construct that represents an individual’s like or dislike for an item. But my argument is about the special type of attitude called “attitude problem” or in other words a psychological problem. Continue reading “Attitude Problem”

HEC plays chimney sweep


Did you read today’s paper? According to Daily Dawn:

KARACHI, Jan 28: The Learning Innovation Division of the Higher Education Commission in collaboration with the World Health Organisation and the ministry of health has decided to conduct a series of one-day seminars for teachers, students and administrators of universities and degree- awarding institutions for the implementation of the “Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-smokers Health Ordinance 2002.”

The ordinance declares all higher education institutions as “no-smoking zones”.—PPI

With increasing anti smoking laws being implemented in public spaces throughout the world, and now Pakistan, will TIP finally rid its campus of the remaining smokers’ areas that still exist?

The Lollypop Culture!

dsc00097.JPGWhen some grown ups start behaving like babies, we without any hesitation can call them ‘semi-civilized’. Every grown up university graduation student is expected to behave like an adult and to exhibit characteristics that presents his/her maturity and developed state of mind. But unfortunately, TIP crowd, in addition to their frustrated behavior in the university, is now being observed with a Lollypop in hand. Shame! It seems that either we did not enjoy our lollies during our childhood or perhaps we do not have any decent activity other than this childish engagement. Continue reading “The Lollypop Culture!”

Which direction are we going in? Think about it.

By Waqas Bin Azhar, TMM 2

This was an impeachment by my Danish uncle, when he heard about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, and just after three days, on the night of a ‘Happy’ new year, (which wasn’t that happy in reality), he heard the sounds of gunfire, and asked what the Pakistani nation really wanted? I didn’t know what to answer him. Now, I request that you answer this question.

According to my notion, I feel very embarrassed when exposing our realities that we are doing nothing but treading on a path that leads only towards darkness! All we do is fight against each other, destroy the properties of our own country and people, influence birth of diseconomy, and end up creating the complexities for ourselves.

After the assassination of B.B, I was compelled to think if we were a free nation; free enough to go out of our own homes, walk around in our own towns and cities and such? Even when I was within my university’s apparently safe premises Continue reading “Which direction are we going in? Think about it.”

Today’s Hercules

By Waqas-bin-Azhar, TMM2

This is the time when we are just depending on a very small communication tool. It is the thing which is very fast and effective. It is the Herculie’s for all the things that had been used by us before, like Eid Cards, Birthday Cards, Happy New Year Cards, and they now all have been defeated by this fast and most effective way of communication. You must understand for the thing that I want to describe, its none other than our conventional way of communication a SMS!!!

Well there are some of the good advantages of a SMS, but it is now being used in quite negative way. It is responsible for bringing the guys and gals on one way street, I am not criticizing anyone but I just want to critique you is that every thing has a pros and con in this world but, there are certain thing is this world that is made for pros not cons so is something else that people discover its cons once they start using therefore, SMS is one thing that is pretty much handy in terms of communication which is cheap therefore, use it in a positive way rather than a negative way.

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