5 things I wished I had done when I was in TIP

Here’s something interesting an idle mind came up with. WHAT ARE THE 5 THINGS YOU WISH YOU COULD HAVE DONE WHILE YOU WERE IN TIP.

Here I’ll go First:

  1. Gotten the Magazine out on TIME :S
  2. Worked Harder on My THESIS 😀
  3. Wish I could have gotten along better with My Hostel Mates (Ancient History)
  4. Not Mess Up at the Inter-University Debate 😛 (VERY ANCIENT HISTORY)
  5. Make that play on TIP I had been planning for the past 2 years 🙁

Sometimes I wish

No one around is happy with his or her life; everyone is on the verge to acquire more and more in life. Why can’t man be satisfied with whatsoever he or she has? This question triggers me every now and then. Why is that mankind is so much obsessed with himself that he doesn’t give a second thought to the relationships he is ruining every moment? We are egocentric, demented, and manic creatures on this world. Is this statement true? Or are we just being human, plain simple human beings? Continue reading “Sometimes I wish”

Is conserving the solution for inflation and food crisis around the world?

By Rahim Jindani, TS2A

We all are so concerned nowadays about being environmental  friendly more over, concerned of conserving things but belive me all this will never ever help neither you nor me. It will always some how or the other increase the crisis because the more you put your efforts to do so the more you will be requiring energy and the more energy requiring means more consumption and intake of diet.

So what will help us out of this situation. Is there any way? Can it be stopped by the world bank or some of those G8 members who are so concerned and are also facing these problems. The answer is NO they cant help you out! Well, then what will help us out?

I just focused on my daily routine and work that one performs and I was amazed to see that the day I woke up early and meditated, I felt more of in control of my diet and other work. I could feel the lightness, I could feel Continue reading “Is conserving the solution for inflation and food crisis around the world?”

TDT Degree Show 2008 – a review

‘Annual Degree Show’ or the ‘Final Year Thesis Display’ by the our textile designers is a widely anticipated and sought after event by most of us at TIP. It holds importance to not only the design graduates, as they flaunt what they have learned in their art school, but also to other students , alumni and faculty who look forward to seeing some exotic, scintillating and eclectic themes exectued immaculately with perfection in form of a variety of products. In my view this year thesis display was a bit of disappointment, the reason for which I will later explain in this review. Starting from the marketing of the event to the variety of products displayed, the level of anticipation by the designers to the techniques employed , the originality of the themes to the execution of the products, there were loopholes which somewhat faded the excellence of TIP Design show 2008.

First of all, there was an absence of Continue reading “TDT Degree Show 2008 – a review”