The Bell tolls for thee!

The 20 excited Tipians, who had come to volunteer the TIP Punjab Admission Test which scheduled on Sunday 27th July at APTMA House Lahore, had to leave immediately as the examination centre was getting overcrowded.

A total number of 7 students out of the 10 students who had applied for the Test appeared at the examination centre.This number has decreased from the 40 students who apeared for the test last year. Cool, isn’t it?

TIAF Mailing List access delay

Update: The mailing list is now accessible again. The Class of 2008 is being invited to join. If you are in the Class of 2008, you should have gotten an invitation by now. If you are still waiting, email the TIAF moderators.

The Textile Institute Alumni Forum (TIAF) has a mailing list that is available to graduates of the Textile Institute of Pakistan. The mailing list exists to connect the TIP alumni with inside news and information on the textile industry, and to coordinate events concerning the alumni. For recent graduates the mailing list is a valuable resource to finding alumni connections in the industry and learning about arising job opportunities.

Many graduates from this years graduating class of 2008 have been trying to get access to the mailing list. On behalf of the moderators of the mailing list (I am one of them), I apologize for the delay in granting access. There is a glitch in our system that has delaying the access. Our team is working at overcoming this, and we looking forward to seeing you within the TIAF network.

On a related note, we are trying to get hold of a full list of graduates of 2008 complete with email addresses. If anyone can help, please do email this to the TIAF moderators.

Do we deserve democracy?

Democracy is a system which provides equal opportunities for every individual to grow with his/her own views, thoughts and style. It empowers people to change their leaders whenever they want to. It gives the freedom of speech and thought. Democratic governments are setup by the people, run by the people and can also be removed when needed by the people. Hence, democracy is all about what public want and what public don’t want. It is no doubt the best government system ever introduced and with its continuous success over the past few centuries, people have started believing in democracy in such a blind way that they rarely think about some other governance system. Amidst of all these pros of democracy, I would here like to put up a strange but different question in terms of Pakistan’s democratic performance in its past 60 years. My question is Do we deserve democracy? Do our illiterate people deserve free and fair elections? Is less corrupt military dictatorship not better than totally corrupt democratic governments?

Education is the theme for any nation’s prosperity and success. Today the countries which are ruling over the world had focused a lot on their education. Be it America, UK, Japan or China; the prime focus of all these developed nation was and still is education. But again, the question that pops up is, Does every educated person always behaves like an educated person? Continue reading “Do we deserve democracy?”

Rotaract Polio Immunization Drive – July 2008

Like the first drop of rain that brings about a smile on a farmer’s face and that changes his life, the same feeling was seen in the eyes of the inhabitants of Machhar colony and Shireen Jinnah colony when those two drops of OPV were given to the little stars we have on earth.

The polio drive started on the 1st of July 2008 and ended on the 5th. The enthusiasm and the level of energy shown by the rotaractors were simply amazing. Although I was there only on the 4th of July, unfortunately I couldn’t come on the last day, but still, I was convinced that everyone over there was with the purest of intentions at heart and was willing to make difference in the lives of our people. There were members from various clubs since it was a joint club activity, rotaractors from the Cosmopolitan, Karsaz, TIP, Metropolitan, Szabist, Karachi Main and others participated with fervor and zeal. Continue reading “Rotaract Polio Immunization Drive – July 2008”

Rotaract District Assembly South Zone 2008-09 — A Review

Nawabshah is a city which is usually neglected for bigger events, conferences and gatherings. Situated at nearly 2 hours drive from Hyderabad, the city portrays the beautiful traditions of Sindh with their hospitable and caring people. Rotaract club, a part of Rotary club, is basically a funding organization which performs various community services and donates funds to various other organizations. Rotaract Pakistan represents the younger Pakistani generation and also provides them with the opportunity to help poor people. The motto of Rotaract reads as “fellowship through service”. Hence Rotaract is not just about the services, it also believes in making friends and finding new people from different walks of life. Continue reading “Rotaract District Assembly South Zone 2008-09 — A Review”