Khushamdeed Taaza logon!

We’ve been saying “Welcome freshmen” for a long time now, but considering that the times have come when we should strive to maintain the Pakistan-iyat of our identity, we’ve decided to welcome you in the good ol’ mother tongue. However, thats about the extent our urdu goes. It’s disgusting- we know- and we’re not proud but hey like everything else, let’s blame it on the Establishment. Down with Evil Capitalistic forces of Evil!

We digress.

This year might be a bit different considering that Continue reading “Khushamdeed Taaza logon!”

Report of Community Service Project; SMILE

We live in a society which is crammed with so many problems that we can never imagine of, Pakistani society had always been the victim of social issues, religious issues, bad governance, poverty and lawlessness. Another important concern is the standard of living our people enjoy. Filthy streets to poor sewerage systems, most of the residence localities of Pakistan are in abstract conditions. These poor sanitary and sewerage conditions result in the birth of numerous diseases and infections. Hence, from infant children to aged people, every age group of our society is the victim of malaria, TB, AIDS, cancer and other malignant diseases. The sad thing is that a major part of our patients are children as well ranging from the ages of 2 years to 10 years. Continue reading “Report of Community Service Project; SMILE”

Keep Staring. This font might be female.

In the United States, everyone is sexless.

Or maybe- and I’m just spitballing here — they don’t think women are so rare that they deserve to be stared at like crazy. After all, 50% of their population is female! Imagine!?

But then, the male to female ratio is the same here…

So why, and I’ll repeat this for emphasis, why do Pakistani men insist on staring at every women/girl/transsexual/slightly effeminate creature that crosses their path? Continue reading “Keep Staring. This font might be female.”

Philosophy of Human Life

Life is a gift from God. A gift which we never request for, a gift which permits us to use it the way we want, a gift which significance is not realized by many of us and surely a gift through which we can decide about our destiny as well. Life is not a continuous process. It is limited in terms of time and opportunities. It is short and we have to obtain (what ever we want to), in this short span of time. Life is like a cricket game where you have to play each and every ball according to its merit. Life is a war and you have to struggle against the evil sources. Hence, life is a whole parcel of opportunities, desires and constant fighting between love and evil sources. Continue reading “Philosophy of Human Life”

Two-third Emptied Glass

By M Furqan Khan, TS4A
While I was roaming around orkut, I saw a poll at a community. The poll was “future of textile industry is bright in Pakistan! do u agree? I want to click on yes but I didn’t find any strong reason to click “yes”. This yes or no opened the knots of my mind and I have been compelled to think and write about this drowning industry. Unfortunately I am one of those guys who believe in the philosophy of half emptied glass but here conditions are worst! even the glass is two third empty.

As we all know, Textile industry serves as a backbone in the economy of Pakistan. It consists of the greatest job sector accommodating about 43% labor and blah blah blah…..but the question is that what we have done for this sector so far? Last year textile sector earned 52.5% of foreign exchange which in the past was touching 70%. I don’t know what the exact reason was for this great decline but there may be number of reasons which I have discussed.

Firstly, after the implementation of WTO, Pakistan’s quota for textile has been ended up and therefore price and quality are the two ultimate factors to compete in international market. Sadly Pakistan wasn’t prepared for this and therefore lost number of buyers consisting a considering number of European buyers.

Secondly, the political situation of our country isn’t stable. Continue reading “Two-third Emptied Glass”