Set it in stone


Mairaj Bin Waqar Banday
Mairaj Bin Waqar Banday

Dear Mairaj,

You know, we were suppose to get together on that picnic I was planning, by the beach. It would have just been like old time, in the hostel when I was in TIP. Looks like we’ll just have to meet in the sweet here after.


Ali Hakeem


This is my message to Mairaj, please set it in stone and get it published in the upcoming magazine, I’m hoping the faculty will have something to say as well. Leave your messages in the comments below. Please do not exceed the word count by 50.

Thank you

Freshman Gala – postponement

Dear all,


I hope you will respect TISF’s decision to postpone the upcoming Freshman Gala, dated October 08, 2008, in respect of our colleague/ friend Mairaj bin Waqar’s (TS 3) untimely passing away.

May ALLAH grant him eternal peace, and Strength to the familly/ friends to bear this huge loss.  Amen

Please have a heart to forgive any shortcomings, if any, from his side ontowards you and may he forgive ours in return.  


With regard


TISF Coordinator

Mairaj, kahan chala gaya yar

Our dear friend Mairaj Bin Waqar from TS3 passed away yesterday, September 26, ’08 (26 Ramadan, 1429 A.H.) leaving behind only memories of his goodness, warmth, humility, and all the times he brought smiles on our faces.

He was traveling home to spend the end of Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr holidays with his parents in Lahore when he met a tragic accident on board his train. Shaikh Adil Fareed and Awab Ahmed were some of his friends traveling with him. Attempts were made to quickly transport him to a nearby hospital but he gave in to his injuries and died on the way.

We all pray to Allah to give his family and all his friend the courage to cope with his loss, and that he be granted eternal peace and tranquility on his heavenly abode.

Mairaj, Kahan chala gaya yaar? We miss you.

Mistakes in NTS common wealth scholarship test 2009

By Syed Hasnain

It is indeed a regret to say that the standard of NTS has fallen down to the worse. In the ‘Blue Book’ which I took in Common Wealth Scholarship 2009, there were questions wrongly written in the book, and many choices given were no less than blunders, especially in Analytical portion.

For instance the reprinting of same choice more than once in the same question, and in another question, all choices negated the fundamental clause of arguments, thus making the whole question unanswerable.

These instances completely defy the credibility of NTS. If possible, they should award full marks for all wrongly placed questions/choices in the exam sheet.

40 Sawaal

We all often use a lot of English words and terms during our Urdu conversations. This Urdu/English blend has become so common that we find ourselves unable to speak entirely in our national language, Urdu, when the need arises. Using English words when speaking Urdu not only affects the beauty and taste of both the languages, but also takes us farther from our own culture and heritage.

Literary Society, considering this declining trend of Urdu speaking and it’s diminishing vocabulary is organizing an event called “40 Sawaal” in which the Urdu meaning of 40 English words and textile terminologies will be asked from the ever-intellectual audience of TIP 🙂 People with the correct answers will be given prize money on hand as well to encourage the use of Urdu.

Please be a part of the event. Participation is open for all the currently enrolled students, permanent and visiting faculty members, admin staff, peons and lab staff.

Date: 24th September (TISF slot)
Venue: Auditorium

Looking forward for your participation…

Literary Society of TIP
(A Step Towards Evolution)

For Further Details Contact;
Rameez Ahmed Khan, Head, 03323419170
Muhammad Furqan Khan, Member, 03333908140

Rotaract TIP, Literacy Project

Do you have any old course books, magazine and novels? Are you going to dump them?

Wait! Give all of your old books to us and we will donate them to the needy and less fortunate! Work and donate for a cause…place your books beneath the library stairs…

Looking for your quick reponse…

Yours in Rotaractivity;

Ahmed A Rehman (GS)
Rahim Jindani (VP)
Mohsin Meghani (DIR)
Rameez Ahmed Khan (DIR)

The Wait…

I’m writing this from my Marketing Manager’s office, who by the way is never around. My company wants to implement the concept of IE (Industrial Engineering) in their apparel manufacturing process, unfortunately it seems my Production Manager is more interested in increasing his productivity and getting his female workers to work harder. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s all bad, he has managed to convince the company to install an air conditioned floor and has worked with Swedes, Sri Lankans and Chinese, set the company’s lines; it’s his insistence that internationally applied methodologies cannot be applied to our own industry. Continue reading “The Wait…”