TISF Gala ’08

The TISF caught everyone by surprise this time. According to most people, they put together a show that not only exceeded the majority’s expectations in terms of technical perfection and good time management, but also by setting the bar higher this year in terms of the show’s overall quality. Well done!

The performances were very entertaining, and the audience was as usual responsive, but this time, in an unexpectedly positive manner, if you know what I mean, and it deserves appreciation. Keeping it short, this review cannot be complete without the mention of two brilliant, show stealing performances. First being Continue reading “TISF Gala ’08”

Process of Socio-Economic Change in Pakistan

It has been now more than 60 years since the establishment of Pakistan. 60 years of huge transformation, 60 years of extreme misery and yes 60 years of a major social and economic change in Pakistan and the sub-continent. Mr. Arif Hasan, Vice chancellor of TIP, briefed the students on the changes we have seen after the creation of Pakistan. A large number of students and faculty members attended the event. The event was basically arranged for the 2nd year students taking the Liberal Arts course. Mr. Arif pointed out six major causes for this social and economic change including Migration from India, Agricultural technology and Urbanization.

Discussing the event of post partition migration of 1947, he said 48% of the population came from India and 82% of them set in Punjab. Hindus and Sikhs were pushed away at certain places. This migration completely destroyed the ‘Punchaait System’ and from a multicultural and multi-religious society, we moved to a uni-religious and uni-cultural society. Continue reading “Process of Socio-Economic Change in Pakistan”

Pakistan; Quaid’s Lost Dream

I was just going through a book “Quotes of the Qaid” by Oxford University Press edited by Sharif Al Mujahid and Liaquat Merchant. I found that majority of the Quaid’s thoughts were which we are not following right now. Here, I am putting some of them to give you an idea as to where are we going:

1) “My young friends, students who are present here, let me tell you as one who has always had love and affection for you, who has served you for ten years faithfully and loyally, let me give you this word of warning: you will be making the greatest mistake if you allow yourself to be explained by one political party or another…Your main occupation should be-in fairness to yourself, in fairness to your parents, in fairness to the state-to devote your attention to your studies.” Continue reading “Pakistan; Quaid’s Lost Dream”

All Karachi Inter-Varsity Debating Contest 2008

Textile Institute Literary Society and Rotaract Club of TIP are hosting the 5th English and Urdu debating contest at our Bin Qasim campus, on Wednesday, 29th October 2008. The topic for the English debate is “MEDIA IS THE REAL WAR-MONGER” and the topic for the Urdu debate is:

Transport will be provided from our City campus to Bin Qasim campus. Buses will leave TIP city campus at 9:15 am sharp. Those with their own transport will be provided with a road map. We would highly appreciate if you could confirm your participation by 22nd of October 2008 so that we can make our arrangements accordingly. For Further details, contact: Continue reading “All Karachi Inter-Varsity Debating Contest 2008”

W.E.A.V.I.N.G…a whole new experience!

Counting all the pink stuff I owned was pretty easy but I never knew counting threads would be so terrible and would ultimately become a part of my life. I had a nightmare during my summer vacations that I hadn’t completed my weaving assignment and I was feeling awful, but I didn’t know it was just a teaser, the real horror still awaited me. Weaving is a real patience-gaining exercise and I will prove you that – just keep on reading.

It all started when I, along with my classmates stepped into the weaving lab with anxiety and confusion. We started off with warping in which we had to go really crazy, going round and round around the warp bed and collecting the warp with a compulsory cross in between. According to our dear Master Sahab, “ Cross ana zaroori hai warna dhaagay aesay uljhain gain kay kabhe alaag nahin hungain. ”

And then it was reeding, sitting on the floor like poor people earning for their bread and butter, Continue reading “W.E.A.V.I.N.G…a whole new experience!”

Kick, Start Yourself!

Someone has greatly said that life is all about motivation. Life is all about how positive and optimistic are you about different aspects of your life. Textile Institute Students Forum, keeping in mind the past tragic events, arranged a motivational session on 8th October 2008 in TISF slot. The session was headed by Akbar Senior Motani from NAVITUS (a leading corporate assistance and motivational organization).

Mr. Akbar started the session by asking the definition of success. After collecting different views from students, he coined his own definition Continue reading “Kick, Start Yourself!”

Eid Wishes

Quack! wishes its readers a safe and prosperous Eid!

This day may not be a very joyous one for all those associated with TIP, following how unfortunate the past week has been, but one should remain optimistic about the show that must keep going on, and wish for peace, tranquility and serenity for everyone; the living and departed, all the same.

Eid Mubarak!