Letters from Anon, and more.

Here we are, about to launch another very delayed issue of Quack!, paper edition.

Ever wonder why it gets so late? Because the editor in-charge is too lazy to bring out the fortnightly issue every fortnight-or sometimes too busy. Or maybe not. Maybe he’s demotivated because people like to remain unhappy when their expectations remain unfulfilled, yet they get too busy to appreciate a positive effort they always wanted somebody to make, once it it actually happens. And brings results as well.

Don’t you think it’s ironic how people like to keep whining about how things are so bad around their workplace, yet they are always too busy (or unconcerned, or scared) to come forward and try to bring about a change, or at least, support those who try. Be proactive. Take initiative. And support others who do. Don’t try to bring them down with sarcasm and nonconstructive criticism like, ‘tumhe aur koi kaam nahi hai? Harwaqt tasveerain he kheinchtay rehtay ho?’ or, ‘yeh kya tum har waqt noticeboard sahi karte rehte ho!’.

Lots of people don’t appreciate it when people criticize from behind the veil of obscurity. It’s always good to come out into the open to make a point. You should have nothing to be scared of but God, if you believe in Him. If believe you’re right, and you can justify it, no one will trash your opinion, or harm you. Now, the reason I wrote this rather long rant is because I received an anonymous mail recently from someone who wanted to be heard, yet they were scared they might get a warning letter from the management for speaking. I wonder why the management would do something like that since the mail had absolutely nothing wrong or profane in it. Have a read: Continue reading “Letters from Anon, and more.”

Literacy Drive 2008

Textile Institute of Pakistan is a group of very diverse people, coming from various backgrounds, to acquire education in that far from the city of Karachi. And we as students have always nourished a common soft spot in our hearts for those kids, who don’t get a chance to study, and the ones who get a chance but cant utilize it due to lack of resources.

One such institute is a school at Ghagar village near our institute, as Government Secondary School at Ghagar village. We thought of a literacy drive where we collected few books from our institute and our colleagues wholeheartedly contributed in the cause, as I said that we nourish a common soft spot for those kids who get a chance but cant make most of it due to lack of resources, we thought of helping those kids.

Our team comprised of me, i.e. Mohsin Madad Ali, Rahim Jindani, Ahmed A. Rehman, and Ibad-ul-Islam. We went to the school and met with the authorities and kids and tried to figure there needs what do they want, and we discovered some shocking realities for a school. We found that the Continue reading “Literacy Drive 2008”

86th Textile Institute World Conference

Following the tradition of representing TIP on a global level that began over a year back, Daoud (TS3) and Noman (TS4) along with Aasim Ahmed of the Textile Research and Innovation Centre, TIP are in Hong Kong at this very moment, gearing up to present their recently written research papers at the 86th Textile Institute World Conference. TIWC is an annual conference that is organized by the Texile Institute, Manchester, UK.

According to available information, one of the research papers, co-authored by Daoud (TS3) and Noman (TS4) supervised by Aasim Ahmed focuses on modification of existing spinning machines towards further optimization. The second paper, being presented by Aasim is related to modification of fiber surfaces and properties through plasma treatment. Quack! team wishes them a successful trip!

Last year, a group of five students [Muzammil Razzaq(TS07), Aasim Ahmed(TS07), M.Ali Hakeem(08), Furhan Hussain (TMM4) and Zaid Bin Zafar (TMM4)]  from TIP were awarded bursaries by the Textile Institute, UK to attend the 85th Textile Institute World Conference which was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Carnival carnival !

The evening of Nov 14 brought with it TIP’s long awaited annual carnival. The theme, unexpectedly for some people, was ‘Arabian Desert Safari’. It was gutsy of TISF to carry on with the execution of the theme despite a lot of protests, confusion and even boycott threats, since many people believed that there wasn’t much they could do with such a boring theme.

One believes that the TISF did manage to pull off a tough theme such as this one quite well and made sure that most people had a good time. Personally, the best part was that this carnival was attended by a large number of Texperts compared to previous two years’ carnivals. One must admit that their presence not only brightened the event, it also brought back the nostalgia of their golden days spent with each other as well as with current students before they graduated.

With just a few comments that we gathered off the grapevine, Quack! invites you all to give your input as to what you liked best about the event, and vice versa. Continue reading “Carnival carnival !”

Donating Life – Blood Drive 2008

Blood is life and life is blood. We can live without water and food but we can never live without a certain amount of blood circulating in our body. This red liquid, if lost, can bring living human to death and the same liquid, if inducted, can bring a dying patient closer to life and existence. Donating blood is donating an amount of your precious life which can actually bring a change in someone else’s life. For the love and care of humanity, Rotaract Club of Textile Institute of Pakistan organized a blood camp on 3rd November 2008 at Bin Qasim campus. Continue reading “Donating Life – Blood Drive 2008”

Hunt for Clues

The past two weeks at tip have been really happening with lots of events, incidents and gossips floating. Amidst the critical situation there was an exciting event that took place last Wednesday in the tisf slot. The “hunt for clues” or in other words a “trip to tip in 40 min”’.

Many people took part enthusiastically. The hunting map was displayed in the auditorium where everyone had to gather. By rule only 3 members had to be in a single group and go out on the 52 acre land but it was seen that out sources were also assisting the participants in not only finding the clues but clues were also handed over to them by the sources and the organizers. Practically it was difficult to get above 20 and 32 clues in just 15 minutes but this is tip. Anything can happens here. May be they had a magic carpet or an x-ray machine that they were able to detect those small chits in little time because the map does not allow one to be so fast if they are playing it honestly. The clues were hidden unequally. The faraway places had 2 or 4 and places near the campus had at least 7 clues. Telecommunication helped a lot of people in winning this hunt. Continue reading “Hunt for Clues”