Poor Response at Final Year Research Poster Display

There isn’t much to write about this years poster display event except the news heading, so I’ll summarize it below:

Fri, Dec 19, ’08, 9am-4pm: 4 faculty members, 2 visitors.
Sat, Dec 19, ’08, 9am-4pm: 6 faculty members, 2 Texperts, 1 visitor(to be confirmed).

At least half of the research supervisors did not attend the event.

Thank you, Dr.NAM for the generous treat.

I end this by sharing one of the better memories connected with the event.

In case you’re wondering, those white things on the beach sand are sea shells.

Final Year Research Poster Display

Textile Institute of Pakistan‘s annual Final Year Research Poster display for 2008 will be held at the institute’s city office on 19th and 20th of December, ’08 between 0900 and 1600 hours.

The event will feature a display of over 20 posters introducing topics on which research work is being carried out by various final year students of BBA (Hons.) Textile Management & Marketing, BBA (Hons.) Apparel Merchandising & Manufacturing, and BSc. (Hons.) Textile Science.

Everyone’s invited!

Finally..they have learnt the idea!

Students and faculty members had been criticizing TIP’s higher authorities for not marketing our institute the way it should be. Finally, they have learnt and they came up with a colorful advertisement with a slight touch of glamour. Those who have missed today’s DAWN (14 Dec, 2008), Quack! provides you with the latest update…

Your comments are most welcome about this “great” thought and idea! 🙂

TIP’s apparel lab acquires Eton Unit Production System

Textile Institute of Pakistan’s apparel department, in comparison with others, has undergone high paced development over the last two years in terms of course restructuring and acquiring latest equipment for its apparel lab to name a few, sources claim.

The latest addition to the apparel lab is an expensive, fully functional Eton Unit Production System. At the moment, two stations have been installed for teaching purposes. Continue reading “TIP’s apparel lab acquires Eton Unit Production System”

Thesis Hues

With anxious eyes set upon the ongoing thesis work of TDT4, time wonders if they will be able to present a grand presentation by the end of Spring ’09.

Let’s hope for the best, for this year’s themes sure sound interesting and quite challenging, some of which include, ‘Quentin Tarantino‘, ‘Lollywood‘, ‘Light‘, ‘Circuits and Microchips‘, ‘Radio Days‘, ‘Olympics‘, ‘Polynesian Tribes‘, ‘Morocco‘, ‘Cells‘, and ‘Recycling

Quack! brings to you some exclusive shots from inside TDT4’s design studio. Enjoy!

Continue reading “Thesis Hues”