This was presented to the students at the start of Fall 2008 and finalized in the presence of TISF and around 250 plus students

Textile Institute Student Forum
TISF BUDGET 2008-2009

Student Contribution 400 /=
TIP Contribution 400 /=
Total 800 /=
Total Number of Student 345 330
Total Per Semester 276000 /=
Total TISF Budget for the Year 552000 /=

BUDGET BREAKUP Continue reading “TISF BUDGET 2008-09”

A Sitting with Mr. Ameer-ul-Islam Hashmi and Mrs. Amber Haseeb

“Kabhi jo ghair say hum chup kay guftagu kartay
Ye aarzoo thi kay peechay say jaakay huu kartay
Hum aik baat bhi unsay jo faltoo kartay
Tu phir baja thay kay wuh muun pay aakh-thuu kartay”

25th February’s TISF slot turned into a thrilling one when the world renowned famous Urdu comedy poet, Mr. Ameer-ul-Hashmi accompanied by a young Urdu poetess Mrs. Ambar Haseeb recited their verbal art in front of the TIP audience. A slot which was full of laughter and smiling faces will be remembered by every student and faculty who attended the event.

Organized by Literary Society of TIP, under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Qamar Zaidi, the event started with beautiful and romantic poetry from Mrs. Amber Haseeb who with her feminine and touchy verses made everyone emotional; specially the female audience. Later, Mr. Hashmi got the microphone and he started hurling some naughty poetry which was obviously loved by the audience of TIP. It seems that Mr. Hashmi was already well aware of the kind of verses people here Continue reading “A Sitting with Mr. Ameer-ul-Islam Hashmi and Mrs. Amber Haseeb”

Why we do what we do!

Research in textile is a ridiculously funny idea! What can you possibly explore in a unit or so inch long simple cellulosic material?!

Generally speaking, yes, research is exciting, challenging and we all find ourselves discussing about that Hydron machinery that sought to replicate Big Bang. We all remember Dolly, the cloned sheep too well. Deep down, we wonder in awe about how anyone can so radically change our concepts about space-time being intertwined, and how the heck was modern logic discovered which gradually progressed into modern digital computing.

…but textile research? What can it possibly discover? Fine, we can have a fabric more finer, more stronger. We can do a tad bit of this and a tad bit of that to increase production, decrease energy consumption. But somehow these news only find space in a boring editorial of a rendezvous magazine. That’s it.

And well, there is some research in textile taking place in some western countries, and gradually it will trickle down to us. So what is the fuss about this textile research centre in Pakistan and that also right at the top of our heads?? Who cares? Seriously??!

The thing is that, though we do humbly accept that Continue reading “Why we do what we do!”

TIP Spring Festival, ’09


The best of Spring ’09 is all set to rock your world on March 6, 2009!

Kites, music concert by Raeth, magazine launch, bull riding, gladiator battle and a wondrous night view of TIP’s famous titanic!

For tickets/further details, contact:

Saad Ashraf (0312 2149490)
Awwab Ahmad (03338375384)

Or any TIP student/faculty that you know of.

Strong presence of TIP students at merchandising & order manegement workshop

merch2-mediumIt is reported that over 20 students from TIP, mainly from the departments of final year management, and sciences attended the two day workshop on modern merchandising and order management techniques at  ‘Institute of Business and Technology (BIZTEK)’ on Feb 21, 09 and Feb 22, 09, in response to the ad placed by SIMDA on Quack! Online a couple of weeks ago.

“It was beneficial, although we had studied most of the topics covered in our merchandising course with Mr.Shehzad Dadabhoy in detail. Still, it was a great refresher course with excellent examples and analyses on the local industry! “, said a student attendee from 4th year BBA Textile Management and Marketing. Similarly, other students also felt that the event was useful and very well priced.

SIMDA has been gracious enough to mail us photographs of the Continue reading “Strong presence of TIP students at merchandising & order manegement workshop”

More on Peasant Rights Rally – ‘The News’ reports

Covering the recent Sindhi peasant rights rally, The News mentions TIP and its support for this noble cause in good words:

Haris demand rights, not just freedom
Tuesday, February 24, 2009
By Urooj Zia

DEH JORIGI: The peasants who are part of the long march for land reforms are demanding their “due rights, and not just freedom.”

“There’s a difference between the two terms,” they explained. “When a Wadera (feudal lord) fears legal repurcussions, he sets Haaris free, but he does not give them what is due to them. He hopes that they will be so happy to not be bonded to him any more, they will simply get up and go to a camp, like they usually do. We don’t want just freedom. We want our rights too, we want to own the land, we want our due share in the produce, we want to be treated with dignity.” Continue reading “More on Peasant Rights Rally – ‘The News’ reports”

TRIC holds seminar

dsc00036-mediumdsc00068-mediumAs a part of their much appreciated campaign aiming at developing a culture of research among the student body, the Textile Research and Innovation Centre at TIP held their 2nd seminar on Feb 23, ’09 at the institute’s auditorium.

The first paper presented by Aasim Ahmed, Research Assistant, focused on the study of surface modification of fiber surfaces through plasma treatment. Aasim’s presentation was followed by one on a newly developed design of a blowroom that offers better efficiency, occupies less space and doesn’t damage fibers compared to OCB units currently being used. The functioning of this machine was explained by Daoud (TS3) and Noman (TS4), who are also the inventors of this machine.

Several students and faculty members attended the event, however it would be good if more people realize that there’s more to TIP than just picnics and sutta corner gossip sessions.

Support a good cause. Sometimes, you need to support for the sake of it, even if your interests lie elsewhere. If things go well, they’ll do wonders for all that’s associated with you, and you’ll be glad to have been a contributing factor in its success. Be the change you want to see around you.