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Haraam Khaiyeh, Sabko Khilaiyeh, Election Jeet Jaiyeh!

Maasoom student politics hai yeh. Aaghaaz taaleemi idaaro say, ikhtetaam hukoomat ki gaddi par. Ya wahan bhi nahi?

This Sunday I received my first invitation to a pre election feast – or Khaapa as many like to call it – thrown by one of the election candidates for TISF 2009-’10.

Why did I refuse? Simple. Not everybody likes a payment for casting their vote. By judging the amount of clapping sentimental, pro religion statements receive during lectures and events, one tends to misjudge the quality of morals and ethics practiced among the masses. Religious morals seem to be available at large either for namesake, or for a price, whatever applies these days.

And for the sake of justice, why should the 4th year – that’s about to graduate in 2  months – be even allowed to vote for selection of a student body that will have nothing to do with them? All they do is sell their votes and ruin the results of elections. These food fests are common, and last for months. Continue reading “Haraam Khaiyeh, Sabko Khilaiyeh, Election Jeet Jaiyeh!”

What is it about TIP that makes TIP, TIP?

What is the first thing that you get to hear when you tell someone that you are a grad or an undergrad from TIP?

Is it “ Uhm..can you tell me exactly where this is located?

Or, “Oh wow! Beautiful campus, hun! Wonderful lake that you have got there!”

Or,  “ Okay. I have heard Texperts are kindov spoilt; they aren’t as hardworking as NEDians you know”

Or, ” That’s nice, you know their designers are so much better than Indus.”

Or something else. Continue reading “What is it about TIP that makes TIP, TIP?”

Workshop Series by SIMDA

By Salim Rajani, SIMDA

A popular Japanese strategy, that ‘if people are educated enough, then they will automatically recognize issues and work for the improvement’. Considering the need of specialized trainings, the Series of Workshops have been arranged by SIMDA to enhance knowledge, efficiency, productivity and aligning working methodology of Woven/Knitted/Denim Garments, Home Textile Made-ups, Terry Towel Industries and Buying Agencies.

Details and Course Outlines are described below: Continue reading “Workshop Series by SIMDA”

Wake up and smell the slums

By Rabiyya Abdullah, TDT 1


I pass by this route daily for TIP, and each day see things that make me feel sad, depressed, emotional, and guilty and make me realize how selfish I am, yet I do nothing.

I saw two little kids today sharing out of a thrown away theli of dried up biryani on the sidewalk. I saw a small boy probably two, begging a shopkeeper for candy and the man in return throwing water on the little boy to move him out of his shop. I saw a tiny girl of around four carrying a bag of rice her size on her head while older men glared at her with hungry eyes. I saw an old man hitting a boy half his size for breaking a bottle. I saw a little puppy being kicked and the men around laughing as it whimpered. I saw a mentally handicapped girl of about seven, covered in dirt, lying on the sidewalk alongside a dog and eating what the dog ate, and being treated like one. I saw men making obscene signs at little girls who were walking to school. I saw a homeless man sleeping on a broken bench, with only an opened up cardboard box covering him.

This is what I saw today. This is what we all see everyday. Yet we do nothing.

Korangi today has a very large slum of its own.

We applaud the makers of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and sing Jai ho!, but did we Continue reading “Wake up and smell the slums”

Students welcome new addition at the cafeteria


Yup! It’s a brand new Samsung 40″ LCD tv. The students had been asking for one since ages, and the current TISF gave them one as a farewell gift, before their tenure ends in a couple of weeks.

“It’s an exciting addition. At least now we won’t have to walk all the way to the dorms to watch tv when we’re bored during free slots, but why’s there a ban on music channels?”, remarks one student.

Well, maybe it’s because it wouldn’t hurt if you watch the news or Nat Geo and become more informed about the world, but we’re not sure. Let’s leave it for the wise to answer.

Coming back to surprises, are there anymore the TISF is planning to pull out of the hat to make sure the students remember them by once they’re gone?

A Fundraiser by Rotaract TIP

Rotaract Club of TIP feels proud to announce that we are organizing a FUNDRAISER at our Bin Qasim campus. 3 boxes would be placed on separate places at the campus for 2 Weeks. The fundraiser will start from 20th March 2009 and will conclude on 3rd April 2009.

All the money which will be collected during the compaign will be donated to CHILD HEALTH FOUNDATION; GIZRI with which medicines will be purchased for small childerens.

Rotaract Club of Textile Institute of Pakistan
(Sponsored by Rotary Karsaz)