TIP Idol 2009

Music is regarded as food for the soul. Music is as old as this world. People, initially, started with simple beats on drums and then they created various melodies on trumpet. With the advancement in technology, new instruments came into being and people continue creating melodies in their respective cultures and heritage. Different cultures of the world brought variety and beauty to the music and then poets started writing lyrics on the music and musicians started singing famous verses and poems. Music then permanently became a prime source for soul comfort. People listen to it when they are sad and also listen to it when they feel happy and want to share their happiness with other people around them.
Rotaract Club of Textile Institute of Pakistan honor music not only as a source of entertainment but also as a strong means of mind relaxation and growth. Considering this; TIP Idol was held on 29th April 2009 at TIP Bin Qasim campus. Continue reading “TIP Idol 2009”

Vanquishing of the LAKIR …….

(The lakir…)

Since the inception of TISF in 1997, the students have yet not been able to see its constructive role as a student forum. Every elected TISF panel follows nearly the same agenda as the previous one and organizes the same old Events, the list of which needs not to be mentioned. Go and ask a graduate of 2002 and he will give u the details!!

Although the addition of seats like Campus Development and the Activity secretary last year gave some hope to the hopeless, but both of them, although equally talented and commendable, did nothing but helped the President and the General Secretary organize the S.O.E (Same Old Events). Coming towards the worst part, our students here have not seemed to mind this at all. I was talking to a senior a few days back and he said: common sarim stop being a Qaide-e-Azam and let us enjoy ourselves!!

I know I am not the first person who has ever raised this issue, but have we ever considered any alternatives? The concerned people, which are gone long ago used to say: …k…don’t vote becoz TISF sucks!! But is this the solution?

(The development…)

Astoundingly, for the first time in my three years here, I was discussing a proposal or rather some new reforms for the TISF the day before yesterday and the nine people sitting with me pledged that they too wanted a change and will help me spread the word.
Within 2 hrs the next morning, thanks to the super-9, more then 60 students including half of the candidates of the new TISF panel pledged that they were ready for the new TISF reforms and promised that they won’t take part in the elections this semester.

(The Proposal……) Continue reading “Vanquishing of the LAKIR …….”

Lakir kay fakirrr……..

Have you ever fallen in love? Three years ago I did!

For those of you, who after reading the first line, have already started to imagine me singing love songs for a girl? GROW UP! I am talking about TIP, a place which majority of us never loved.

I know it sounds a little cheesy, But I swear the first day I came to this place I fell in love with it. My infatuation continues, but when I see students following the same old BAID CHAAL and proudly following the mistakes done by their seniors, I regret coming here. I regret coming here when my friends tell me about the Societies and Events they have in their universities. I hope those of you who are not a part of the fieuking dirty politics may understand what I am trying to say. Continue reading “Lakir kay fakirrr……..”

Student’s Blog

dddd STUDENT’S BLOG is a quarterly student-operated educational, arts and entertainment publication. Students from many disciplines forms the ‘S BLOG’ family and does all of the reporting, writing, editing, illustration, photography, layout and business management for the magazine. We gather their thoughts, passions and ideas which they may not speak out otherwise because of the fear of being too different!

The Publication Concept is to create a student-run magazine that brings discussion of various issues, excitements, and campus awareness throughout the city. At the heart of it, the publication aims to develop the sense of community and education awareness.

Now; Textile Institute of Pakistan is also a part of Student’s Blog Family. Get connected with students of different universities of Pakistan. Grab Your own copy free of cost.

Limited copies available!

Imran Iqbal (Representing- TIP for Sblog)

Josh Sahab kay Mehmaan-A Review

15th April 2009 was witnessed as a day when TISF slot turned into an entertaining session. “Josh Sahab kay Mehmaan” was a joint project of Literary society and Drama society. The whole project and idea was proposed and headed by Syed Qamar Zaidi where the costumes were arranged by members from dramatics society. Original theme was that “Josh Maleeh Abadi” (renowned Urdu poet) invites various prominent poets of their times including Mirza Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, Bahadur Shah Zafar and Zia-ul-Haq Qasmi in an informal gathering. All of these characters were performed by students of TIP except that of Josh which was performed by Qamar Zaidi.

The first episode of the project started with the entrance of “Josh Sahab” (who was the mezbaan) followed by the entries of Zia-ul-Haq Qasmi, Allama Iqbal, Ghalib and Bahadur Shah Zafar. Casual gathering started when all of the poets started chatting; not in normal sentences but in poetic verses. The verses selected were actually parodies of the respective poets written by Sarfraz Shahid, Zia-ul-Haq Qasmi and Qamar Zaidi himself. The most entertaining part of the session was when Mirza Ghalib started putting taunts on his fellow poets where Zia-ul-Haq Qasmi followed him. Continue reading “Josh Sahab kay Mehmaan-A Review”


Textile and polymer materials share quite a few characteristics with biological skin. The fact that textiles may get absorbed in biological tissues is advantageous for us in many ways. But what if at some stage we discover a textile/polymer that in its process of assimilation with body tissues does not lose its characteristics? What if the implanted polymer and the skin ‘react’ to produce a new material? For instance, a cell’s atoms that can go on to ‘polymerize’ like a plastic producing an ever continuous chain similar to a streptococci until ‘termination’ occurs. Is living polymer a possibility?

I had a bad dream last night- I saw I was losing a tooth. Now, I know this since childhood that it means that I’ll be harmed in some way. My experience pushes me to believe in this absurdity religiously. But that’s funny, what does teeth falling out has to do with a mishap?? Who has set this symbolized standard? And if you are a Darwinist, even then isn’t it strangely interesting that our subconscious brain adopted a ‘falling tooth’ as a warning signal of a future that even our conscious brain isn’t aware of??

Can we ‘technically’ classify human hair as textile fiber? Continue reading “Random”


Hum a song with sounds of ma-pa-ba ; of h and j ; of a-e-i-o.
Focus on how a slight pressure of your tiny tongue muscle here or there, the indiscernible twitch of lips like this or that produce such a variety of phonemes.

Our subconscious intelligence meticulously manages these tiny details of our larynx and orals, and they do it all the time; their instances of errors abysmally low!

When I think about it – the degree of sophisticated design that comes into play even when I say the simple word ‘koe-a-ck’- it’s kingly.

.. I feel haughtily satisfied .

ego..its all about me.

Oh dear inanimate world,
its all about me!