TEXLYNX……a twofold experience!!!

The two weeks I spent at Texlynx as an internee was indeed a noteworthy experience. Let me tell you a little about Texlynx. It’s basically a buying house, which works as a channel between the customer and the vendor, because most of the problems are provoked due to lack of communication and the customer never gets the assurance and the level of excellence he expects.

I learned how to deal with the customer and the vendor simultaneously and how things flow from the product development, to the merchandising and to the quality assurance phases of a particular production.

It’s not an easy job, being a product developer, a merchandiser or a quality controller because you have to be on a fast track, keeping everything very up to date and letting your customer feel secure about their consignment. Every now and then you have to pay a visit to the factory just to check, sometimes to push the vendor because believe me, the vendor knows a lot of shortcuts to get his/her work done, and the job of a buying house is to let everything be according to the customer’s demand so that s/he remains satisfied.

At texlynx, I learned a lot of communication tactics and how to get your work done in a wink of an eye and how to deal with your customer when things get a little twisted up.
Textiles is a very slow and gradual field where you can’t become a millionaire in an year or so, you really have to move in a steady pace, learning things at every step, at every mistake you make.

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De-stabilizing TIP

By Imran Iqbal


My sister have just given her intermediate exams. She was browsing on the net to get some information about the universities for her further studies. While browsing she opened the following link:


At the next moment she started laughing as if she have read a joke. When I asked her why she was laughing; she showed this to me:

Sad! I was shocked to read this. I don’t know who did this but whoever he or she is; surely NOT a TIPian.

Your comments are most welcome!!

Anti tobacco Drive with Rotaract Awareness


Smoking is death and death is smoking. Smoking is merely another reason for taking your life from you. It is injurious to health and can cause various diseases that include “lungs cancer”. Pakistan, like the other countries, is also a victim of smoking. Pakistan has got thousand acres of tobacco fields in which not only it is harvested but is also packed and used locally as well as internationally. This custom of smoking is now very common in teenagers and youngsters. A majority of youngsters begins smoking as a fashion but later gets inclined and become habitual to it where in a lot of cases; smoking leads to severe form of drugs like heroin and charas. Moreover, smoking is also a waste of money in which we spend thousands of rupees each month on “smoke”. It is now a prime concern for countries like Pakistan which already have a high number list of chain smokers and drug addicts. If you consider yourself to fall under one of the above-mentioned categories, help4addiction addiction helpline number can help you get over it. Continue reading “Anti tobacco Drive with Rotaract Awareness”

Business Communication Basics: Cover Letter

I recently had a chat with a third year business student from TIP regarding her upcoming internship, and was shocked to learn she had no idea what a ‘cover letter‘ was! If these important basics are not taught to aspiring business managers in their ‘Business Communication’ courses, what exactly is?

Well, worry not, for you can always rely on Quack! We’ve carefully selected an excellent video for you that aims to teach you how to write your first cover letter.

Degree Show ’09 visit report

A visitor blogs about his experience at the Degree Show:

It was my first ever trip to TIP and I found the place pretty much as I had expected. It had vast space, a pond around there, huge parking area, and curvy road leading to the educational institute. By the standards of our meek University, TIP looked far better and far bigger.

Only 15 students had their works displayed out there. Some works were really excellent; others just time pass. And there was one work, something done on Lollywood, which I would like to thrash out of this world. I could not understand either the girl who had done it nor the work itself. It was neither good nor bad. It was ridiculous. I remember it because it was ridiculous.

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