Workshop Cum Panel Discussion

Buying Houses and Factories under one roof for matchmaking and systemize their operations

Workshop cum Panel Discussion Program (Sunday only) with

1) Buying House Merchandisers vs Factory Merchandisers
2) Buying House QCs vs Factory QCs

Golden Opportunity for TIP Students to gain knowledge and experience from Industry stakeholders that will greatly help in your practical life. The program will also help you to develop linkages with Buying Houses and Factories. The program outline and details are as follows. Details can also be obtained from

1) Program Outline for Merchandising Team

Panel Discussion between Agency and Factory Merchandisers.
(Discussion on Problems occurred during Order Execution, Buyers Demand, Costing Issues and Future business scenario).
Way forward Plans to gain Business.
Advance Merchandising & New Developments.
> Order Execution Cycle at Agency and Factory level.
> Time Calculation and Developing an effective Time & Action Plan.
> Order Tracking and Follow-up Technique.
> Production Planning and Space Calculation.
> Merchandiser’s Performance review and awarding a grade.
> Production Performance review and awarding a grade.
> All Orders Monitoring and Disaster Forecasting Chart. Continue reading “Workshop Cum Panel Discussion”


… And after almost an eternity… I return!

Feels good to be back… though I highly doubt I’m getting a warm welcome, didn’t really leave on a very pleasant note. So… for those of you who know me… “Howdy”… and for those of you who don’t know me… don’t ask the people who do know me because I’m pretty sure they don’t have anything nice to say about me. Lies, nothing but lies I tell you…! Only time will reveal all.

Anyway, as I struggle to rise from my epic failure, I feel as if I’ve lost a big part of myself somewhere so deep and dark, almost unreachable. The art, the talent, my words, thoughts and most importantly the desire to go on… all gone… with the wind! And all that’s left behind is me sitting here on my desktop desperately trying to complete this, absolutely clueless.

There was a time when La Dixit was everywhere around me; my desktop background, my MSN display, even on my Windows log-in icon. I had compiled a gallery of over 3000 pictures of her more than half of those being DVD rips. And now… she’s no more there despite that horrendous effort by Aditya Chopra. I’ve become like the ‘other’ male lead in a typical Bollywood love triangle who after three hours of rain and romance walks away with the thorns and not the rose. Uninspired… unmotivated… almost as if my heart stopped going ‘dhak dhak’ in tune with her ghungroos. Continue reading “ZOMG!”

Polio Drive 2009

Hi everyone;

Rotaract Club invites you all again to “Polio Drive 2009” starting from Monday (27th July 09). Compaign will last till Friday (31st July 09) and whole zone will beff participating in the project. We will be going to Neelum Colony/City Railway Station Colony and the gathering point for all the participants is KFC Boat Basin. You are advised to reach by 7:30am on Monday and 8:00am on rest of the other days.

For more details;

Hope to see you there!

A Survey Report on Garment Sector

A Survey Report on
“The effect of the International Financial and Economic Crisis on the Garments Sector in Developing Countries”

Find this report on

(Saliraj Industrial Management and Development Alliance)
Salimahabad Apartments, Aga Khan Community Colony, Block J, No 12, Federal-‘B-Area, Block 14, Karachi, Pakistan.
Telephone #: (9221)-6317222
Mobile #: (9221)-0321-8209973

Our Experience at Clariant Pakistan

I stepped into the textile industry with plenty of hope and passion. Though textile was never my prime choice as a career but later on; this field proved to be as charming and fruitful as I can think of. I have completed my three years at Textile Institute of Pakistan. Three years of mingling with colorful fabrics, machine mechanisms, weave designs, marketing and management presentations, dyes and auxiliaries’ related chemistry and a lot else from this dynamic field. I usually relate more charm and color with textiles as any other field. Textile is attractive both in terms of its colorful work (wet-processing specially) and rewarding career. With the conclusion of my third year; I applied for my internship at different places whereas I put Clariant as my first priority in the internship form. I got my confirmation just one day before my vacations and then I came to know that we have to attend this training at Clariant from 1st June; right after our final exams with no break at all. Initially, it made me a bit nervous as I wanted some time to relax and put my life in some kind of order. But to be very honest, training at Clariant was a great opportunity and I could never let this thing go so I decided to join my course along with 4 other fellow students from my class.

My first day at Clariant started when we, four students, entered at 7:45 am (a good 1 hour 15 minutes before the actual timings) as we were not aware about the amount of time consumed during the way to Clariant from our homes. After waiting a good 45 minutes, we were allowed to enter at the company premises. Now, the view was fantabulous. Continue reading “Our Experience at Clariant Pakistan”

Merchandising and Quality Guru (Free Textile Knowledge Library)

Develop Skills in Costing & Calculations

Free useful reading material on all the sectors of Textile, Apparel and Home Textile Made-ups, such as:

-Merchandising and its Functions
-How to Calculate the Fabric Consumption of Knit Garments?
-Detailed Working Paper on Quality Control (Developed by UNIDO)
-Sourcing in Apparel Industries
-Hand Book on Production Management Methods
-Types of Stores in Foreign Countries
-Exporting to the EU – Introduction to Developments, Trends and Doing Business in EU
-Export Planner – A Comprehensive Guide for Prospective Exporters in Developing Countries
-Process of Sanforization and Sanfor Certificate
-Glossary on Textile and Quality Control

Develop Skills in Costing & Calculations of Apparel and Home Textile Made-ups

-Days and Timing: Four Sunday, Ten (10 Hrs), ( 3:00pm – 5:30pm )
-Date: Sunday July 26 2009 , August 2 2009 , August 9 2009 & August 16, 2009
-Fee: Rs 2,500/- per participant
-Notes and Reading Material will be provided.
-Certificate distribution and photograph ceremony
-Pease email us the name of participants, designation and contact numbers for registration.

For more information, log on to

Saliraj Industrial Management and Development alliance
Email Address:
Contact #: (9221)-0321-8209973