TIP welcomes its new president!

Image0215TIP management, faculty, staff and students welcomed their new president Mr. Tariq Ikram replacing Dr. Zubair Bandukda as Mr. Tariq addressed them all for the first time ever first TISF slot of Fall Semester 2009.

Mr. Tariq has served as the chairman of Export Promotion Bureau having the the distinction of being the first Pakistani to be appointed as CEO of Reckitt and Colman in Pakistan at the age of 37.

In his brief speech, the newly appointed president discussed about the decline of textile and apparel industry and said that it is mainly because of a significant difference between our imports and exports. He further clarified that this difference can only be minimized if we start supporting our textile industry. He stressed over the need of educated people in the industry and discussed TIP rankings as an institute in HEC and other comissions.

Mr.Tariq believes that textiles play a very important role in Pakistan’s economy and exports and without supporting this industry, we can not even survive as a country. Later, he highlighted a number of textile graduates of TIP going extremely well in the textile industry. He seemed very optimistic about the future of TIP and textile industry at large. To have an idea about TIP, Mr. Tariq announced a SWOT analysis within students, faculty and even the board of directors. To tell you more about Mr. Tariq and his career, we have found a brief PDF document mentioning his achievements throughout his career.

We wish him good luck for his tenure at TIP and would like to see TIP touch the skies of quality research and academia under his supervision and guidance.

WeLcOmE Freshmen!!! Khush Aamdeed!!! Paakhair Raghalay!!! A Warmly & Joshly reception to You all!

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Nothing special… just an opinion This is in response to Irfan Hussain’s “Moral Black Holes Of Our Times” published Saturday August 15th 2009 among the editorials. Unfortunately, this never got to see the light so I figured why not just post it here instead of letting it go to waste. I guess i’m not used to being under the cutting board of another editor yet. Those of you who followed the article might understand, while those of you who didn’t will probably be saying “WTF!” Anyway, here it goes.

On ‘Moral Black holes…’

War and terror have done nothing more than killing innocent people; that is needless to say. In fact, sometimes I wonder why people even bother bringing up the numbers or merely this point just to prove their case. But when hunting down people like Mehsud, this is a price a nation has to pay. After all, the man in question isn’t just your run of the mill criminal. I don’t intend to support US led drone attacks; rather I look at Mehsud’s death as good old fashioned karma. His suicide bombers destroyed families and orphaned countless children and now the death of him and his lady have brought back the same fate upon his own.

Though what I find more ironic is how the ‘western’ man will first accuse the terrorist of committing crimes against humanity, and then upon his death will accuse those who brought him down of murdering innocent people. So it clearly isn’t us (or you) who need a reality check! Continue reading “If not the daily Dawn… then Quackonline!”

Textile Testing International

An Interview with the Hamid.k.Lateef(C.E.O Textile Testing International) on the Modern challenges in the Textile industry & the role of Testing

(Requirements of Modern Textile Industry)
Both industrialized and developing countries now have modern installations capable of highly efficient fabric production. In addition to mechanical improvements in yarn and fabric manufacture, there have been rapid advances in development of new fibers, processes to improve textile characteristics, and testing methods allowing greater quality control. Textile fabrics are judged by many criteria. Flexibility and sufficient strength for the intended use are generally major requirements, and industrial fabrics must meet rigid specifications of width, weight per unit area, weave and yarn structure, strength and elongation, acidity or alkalinity, thickness, and porosity. In apparel fabrics design and colors are major considerations, and certain physical properties may be of secondary importance. In addition, the various tactile properties of a fabric, described as its “hand,” “handle,” or “feel,” influence consumer acceptance.

The textile industry increasingly employs research and development in the area of quality control. Medieval craft guilds were concerned with maintaining high quality standards, and later textile mills established rigid systems of inspection, realizing that a reputation for supplying fault-free goods encouraged repeat orders. Modern quality control has been assisted by development of techniques and machines for assessing fiber, yarn, and fabric properties; by the introduction of legislation regarding misrepresentation in many industrialized countries; and by the establishment of rigid specifications by a growing number of buyers. Specifications have been established for the purchase of industrial fabrics, for textiles used by the military and other branches of governments, and for similar purchasing methods adopted by some retailers and other large buyers. In consumer-oriented areas, the public is becoming aware of product testing and is beginning to require proof that products have met certain test standards. Continue reading “Textile Testing International”

Who do u think you are?

Four years of progressive education, lots of executive and technical training programs, learning about change management and so on – makes you think you’re ready to take the bull called life by its horns, right?  Stop right there!

You are venturing into an industry that feels strongly but negatively towards change. If you feel you study in a terrible institution, change your attitude. You’re better than most of the people you will encounter in the textile industry. They’ll feel threatened by you, try to bring you down at every step, prove you wrong and stupid and treat you like a nobody. Some people will even prove to you what an idiot you are if you suggest a free upgrade in the ancient word processing software they make everyone use. Those presently studying –  if you enter the industry demotivated, you’re dead, because you haven’t seen what demotivation is – yet.

Take the bull called life by its horns and tame it. Nobody ever made anything better by not doing anything about it. Difficult people and situations are an essential part of life. Learn to deal with them by embracing their sorry existence, and you can be sure you’re on the right track!

TIP: An icon or an unheard entity/institute

By Zain ul Abdin, TMM-4

Well, here I am finally trying to do something (which I guess may be lucky enough to be looked into), after staying super free for two months, doing nothing at all other than just counting on days one after another!! I’m not unhappy about how the time is passing by, infact I think its totally fine with me for I’ve been listening to one of our teacher’s advice after all, which was: ” These are your last vacations, & perhaps you’ll probably not get any of these again in your life once you graduate, so why not spend sometime at home, sit back and relax!” That’s exactly what I’ve done this summer, or maybe I was made to do this, as all of my plans went the other way, & I had to find out a way to satisfy myself.

But, what I had planned out this summer was totally different. Having left one year of my undergraduate studies, I had planned to visit the industry as an internee just like all my other mates… the only difference was that I wanted to visit some place other than the textile industry (since I’m a marketing & management student after all & I have been visiting several textile mills in the previous years too). And that’s where the story begins… I had applied to… a very well renowned company of Pakistan I should say, for the summer internship in their marketing department. At the start it all went fine… I, quite easily got plenty of the “internship placement” letters from the internship office and appeared in the internship test of the company, did well in the test, as it was not so hard & then, was called for the interview just few days after the annual dinner. The General Manager of that company personally took the interview in groups as the internees were in some good numbers… and when our group (the one I was in) turned up to him, what he needed to ask from us first, was a simple piece of information before starting the interview: the institute name & the CGPA. Continue reading “TIP: An icon or an unheard entity/institute”